Another sprint triathlon, am I crazy?

After a disastrous swim during my first ever sprint triathlon, I thought I’d never embarrass myself that way again. Y’all, my swimming was so bad I can’t even accurately describe it with words. Here’s how I thought I’d do and how I really did… There were bystanders (friends, family of athletes) watching from the lakeshoreContinue reading “Another sprint triathlon, am I crazy?”

My first (and only?) sprint triathlon

You know how when people first do something, like get a tattoo, go scuba diving, or have kids, they can’t wait to do it again? For me, it’s a sprint triathlon and just like that person who got a barbed wire tattoo, swam with hungry sharks, or has a rambunctious kid…. and they NEVER WANTContinue reading “My first (and only?) sprint triathlon”

Update on reaching my walk/run goals in 2020

Hi. My name is Ben and I forgot to post an update from a goal I set for 2020. *you say* Hi Ben. We forgive you. Thank you so much! Well, last January I made a goal to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. I had no idea if it would be easy orContinue reading “Update on reaching my walk/run goals in 2020”

Exercise goals for 2020, nearing the finish line

One of my goals for this year in regards to exercise is to run 250 miles and walk 250 miles. There are just over 2 months left and I’ll admit there were days I wasn’t sure I could do it. Today I feel good but with a bit of concern because here in Nashville it’sContinue reading “Exercise goals for 2020, nearing the finish line”