NF’s new video “Happy” – Is it happy?

NF must’ve made a New Year’s resolution to put out a music video every month and while most people fail with whatever goals they make on January 1st, NF is coming through with flying colors and listeners are the beneficiaries. The last two have been so good and I posted about them at the linksContinue reading “NF’s new video “Happy” – Is it happy?”

The new NF music video – hope, goosebumps, and identical twins?

There’s hardly a way to compare NF to anyone else in the music industry but if you put pressure on me to come up with something really accurate, it would be something like this: Imagine the skills of Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, all in one person and that’s NF. Granted, all of thoseContinue reading “The new NF music video – hope, goosebumps, and identical twins?”

Such a train wreck!

Why is it that we love to see train wrecks? I’m not talking about ACTUAL crashes. I mean things like “The Bachelorette,” Tom Brady’s marriage, politicians on the debate stage. Each of those, and there are a million more, are part of pop culture for one reason only: they’re train wrecks and so often weContinue reading “Such a train wreck!”

Three songs that need a different beginning and end. 

I was recently putting together a playlist of music for my niece’s 21st birthday event. I was looking for songs that are upbeat, positive, and songs where you don’t need to pay close attention to the lyrics. Just great background music to keep people in a good mood as they arrive and chat with friends,Continue reading “Three songs that need a different beginning and end. “

And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?

My thoughts keep coming back to the recent Grammy Awards that aired live Sunday night. I’ll preface this post by saying that I absolutely love music. I was pretty pumped to celebrate the great music from 2019, because there was a lot of it! The show was hosted by ultra-feminist Alecia Keys and, well, sheContinue reading “And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?”