Cardi B and “Wap” is a great reminder…

There is a lot of controversy over Cardi B’s new song, opinions which I will not get into now… except to say sometimes leaving something to the imagination is the way to go, you know? Cardi B doesn’t really leave any room for that and I hope to God my young nieces and nephew canContinue reading “Cardi B and “Wap” is a great reminder…”

12 songs for AFTER you get laid off or fired

Last year, I was hanging out with some friends who’d recently been laid off and since. We were in an environment where putting together a Spotify playlist was appropriate, so created a “recently laid off playlist” and played it loud. This is not the first list I’ve made about the dreaded pink slip, but thisContinue reading “12 songs for AFTER you get laid off or fired”

From Cyndi Lauper to Florida Georgia Line

I’m proud of my taste in music. As a child, thanks to my parents and a record player, I developed a love for the Beach Boys. Later, I developed my first crush and it wasn’t just for her wild style… Cyndi Lauper. In middle school, I began to appreciate adult contemporary music like Bryan AdamsContinue reading “From Cyndi Lauper to Florida Georgia Line”

If Break-ups are a Black Cloud, Music is the Silver Lining

If you know me at all, you know I really, really love music. The songs that seem to stick with me and have a lasting impression offer something more than a nice melody. It’s about the lyrics, but it’s also about the whole presentation. But mostly, it’s the lyrics. Two bands at the top ofContinue reading “If Break-ups are a Black Cloud, Music is the Silver Lining”

My Shower Playlist

Between the bathrobe and the fanny pack is the all important shower. The few minutes I spend there are often accompanied by music. A soundtrack to my shower, if you will. Here’s the current playlist: “All 4 Love” Color Me Badd A classic song from the early 90’s. For a entertaining performance of this songContinue reading “My Shower Playlist”