Such a train wreck!

Why is it that we love to see train wrecks? I’m not talking about ACTUAL crashes. I mean things like “The Bachelorette,” Tom Brady’s marriage, politicians on the debate stage. Each of those, and there are a million more, are part of pop culture for one reason only: they’re train wrecks and so often weContinue reading “Such a train wreck!”

Certain songs at certain times…

I don’t mean to be dark or morbid, but in the last few months a few people I know, or know of, have passed away and I don’t necessarily want to talk about that (I wrote more here which you can read if you want) but it was in this time that a few songsContinue reading “Certain songs at certain times…”


Every once in a while I make a list and post it because first of all, I LOVE lists. I also love music, so today’s post is combining two of my favorite things. If you don’t know who Needtobreathe is, I hope you check out some of these songs and begin to love their musicContinue reading “My Top 10 NEEDTOBREATHE Songs”

Listening to all of band’s music

While I was walking my dogs recently I had my phone in my pocket, listening to music on Spotify. When I walk my dogs, I can’t really fiddle with my phone so I pretty much have to “set it and forget it.” This brings about a critical decision that needs to be made: What doContinue reading “Listening to all of band’s music”

Bands that include their band name in lyrics

A long, long time ago I noticed a certain band cleverly included the name of their band in one of their songs. The lowercase version, meaning they weren’t singing their band name, they were using the actual words of their band name in a sentence. Here are the lyrics from Needtobreathe… But I can’t figureContinue reading “Bands that include their band name in lyrics”