Just one song from Jesus Revolution

I went to the theater and watched Jesus Revolution with my dad last week. If you haven’t seen it yet, holy moly you’re in for a treat. I totally just used the word “holy” at the wrong time, didn’t I? But the movie is about the Holy One so we’ll just move right along… ThisContinue reading “Just one song from Jesus Revolution”

“My Deliverer” – The Prince of Egypt

I noticed The Prince of Egypt on Hulu the other day and it reminded me of a song I really liked from the soundtrack (which has a ton of big name artists from the 90s – Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Amy Grant, and more). But it was none of those that stuckContinue reading ““My Deliverer” – The Prince of Egypt”

Ranked top 10 DC Talk songs of all time: 5 – 1

Coming up with a top 10 list for DC Talk is like deciding which holiday I love the second most (first is obviously Christmas). Or which niece I love more. It’s an impossible task! But just like my nieces, each one of these songs is amazing and fantastic, and while I can’t rank the nieces,Continue reading “Ranked top 10 DC Talk songs of all time: 5 – 1”

Ranked top 10 DC Talk songs of all time: 10 – 6

Let me just start by saying how difficult it was to narrow down this list. Just between you and me, I rather rank almost anything else. Favorite presidents? Sure. Best Disney movies? OK. What’s socially acceptable? Fine. But to rank these songs is like picking my favorite pet. Or my favorite episode of Friends. It’sContinue reading “Ranked top 10 DC Talk songs of all time: 10 – 6”

Being punished by God

Do you ever feel like you’re being punished by God? I had one of those experiences recently, and I’m so glad it didn’t last long. In those couple of days one thing I found interesting is that I had anger towards God. And that, my friends, is me admitting I’m not very spiritually mature. ToContinue reading “Being punished by God”