Amazon’s Cleopatra Commercial – The music and the actress!

Amazon Prime has a new ad that’s sort of a mashup of The Prince of Egypt and Mad Max. Take a look at the “dry” ad below… The actress is Maya Samaha, who’s been in commercials for clothing, cars, and computers, among countless others. The song playing in the background is “Driver’s Seat” by SniffContinue reading “Amazon’s Cleopatra Commercial – The music and the actress!”

“My Deliverer” – The Prince of Egypt

I noticed The Prince of Egypt on Hulu the other day and it reminded me of a song I really liked from the soundtrack (which has a ton of big name artists from the 90s – Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Amy Grant, and more). But it was none of those that stuckContinue reading ““My Deliverer” – The Prince of Egypt”