Amazon Prime Mustache Ad – The Music, the Actress, and More!

Hi there! My name is Ben and I post every day at 1pm central. I wouldn’t say I’m the king of blog posts but today’s post features royalty. It’s a song by Queen (get it!?) in the latest Amazon Prime commercial. Check it out then scroll down for more info… The Music. I hadn’t heardContinue reading “Amazon Prime Mustache Ad – The Music, the Actress, and More!”

Amazon’s Cleopatra Commercial – The music and the actress!

Amazon Prime has a new ad that’s sort of a mashup of The Prince of Egypt and Mad Max. Take a look at the “dry” ad below… The actress is Maya Samaha, who’s been in commercials for clothing, cars, and computers, among countless others. The song playing in the background is “Driver’s Seat” by SniffContinue reading “Amazon’s Cleopatra Commercial – The music and the actress!”

Kindness of strangers in unexpected moments

Part of what I do for income includes driving my car all over town and interacting with strangers. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, he drives for Uber!” Thankfully, no. Drunk strangers will not be vomiting in my car. I really enjoy delivering smiles for Amazon Prime Now. But it’s not always happy times, I’llContinue reading “Kindness of strangers in unexpected moments”