Kindness of strangers in unexpected moments

Part of what I do for income includes driving my car all over town and interacting with strangers. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, he drives for Uber!” Thankfully, no. Drunk strangers will not be vomiting in my car. I really enjoy delivering smiles for Amazon Prime Now. But it’s not always happy times, I’ll tell ya! Traffic can be a bear and a few weeks ago, the weather was quite the menace. Here’s a snippet from my dash cam the night I was delivering in Nashville’s heaviest snow of the year so far.

Even worse than the snow, though, was the ice. Some main roads, and most secondary roads, were layered in it. On top of that, I had 10 deliveries! I felt like David going up against Goliath, with a Nissan Versa as my slingshot.

I left the Amazon warehouse with just an ounce of courage. I slowly crept my way to the first customer and missed the mark with my first stone. Here I am in a bit of a predicament.

I was halfway up the hill and started sliding down. I was able to back into a random driveway and with some help, drive in reverse, through front yards, narrowly missing two cars but getting back onto a flat road without incident.

Nine more deliveries to go.

Already my neck was sore. My shoulders were tight. A few of the next stops were in flat areas of east Nashville, so that was a relief, but Goliath still seemed larger than life.

Towards the end of the route, Goliath snorted as I approached the steepest hill yet. The house I was delivering to was at the top, about 5 houses in from where I decided to park the car. My slingshot wouldn’t win this battle. In fact, I felt pretty defeated at this point; half the deliveries were late and even after this one, I had a few more to go. To walk the delivery to the customer would take at least 3 trips from my car up the hill to the house, but as undesirable as that sounded, it’s all that could be done. So I started up the hill, a few packages under my arms.

As I handed off the first round of items, the most unexpected thing happened. The father of the crew that lived there began bundling up with heavy clothes and boots. My eyes widened. My heart beat faster. My shoulders loosened. He was coming back with me so we could slay this giant together!

We split the items between us and started back up the hill. We both were carrying almost more than we could manage by ourselves. And then another heroic moment happened: his son met us on the way and after giving him some packages, the three of us marched up the hill, up the driveway, up the slippery steps, and to the front door.

As it turns out, it was people that overtook Goliath this cold, snowy night. What does the Bible say? A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. I’m so thankful for those guys that night. Their act of kindness won’t be in newspapers, it won’t pop up on anyone’s Facebook feed (except maybe for mine!), they won’t be ABC’s persons of the week. But for a stressed out delivery driver, this father certainly made an impression and lived out the Golden Rule. Plus he modeled for his son (and his daughter and wife who were watching from the window) one way to be a good man.

He reminded me a lot of my dad.

And that, my friends, is how Goliath fell that night.

-Out of the Wilderness

Nashville had a snow day

Well, Nashville had another apocalyptic snow day yesterday. I’m sorry if you were in Nashville or nearby and had to deal with this traffic:
I was determined to stay home, although how long do you have to be in one place before it’s officially called cabin fever? I had only been home since mid-afternoon Thursday and I’m only slightly exaggerating when I started looking like Jack Nicholson from The Shining.
But all in all, we had a fun day. My dogs and I romped in the yard, chased frisbees, wore our Christmas presents…

Asia chased her frisbee, something she’ll do no matter the weather.

I wore my new pea coat I got for Christmas from my parents and I gotta tell ya, I will forever wonder what life was like before I had this coat. It’s so warm. It’s so classy. I just need to figure out how to use the pockets. They’re still sewn up, I think??

Before the cold day came to a close, I managed to get the car out of the driveway and down the semi-steep and icy road and I went dancing. Nothing will warm you up on a cold day like dancing with your friends.

Stay warm and stay cool!

-Out of the Wilderness

Snow White and the Red Lines

Nashville boasts it’s first snow of winter today! Yes, it’s something special. A sight to behold. Unfortunately, if you’re in the car, you’ll have plenty of time to behold.

Son: Look, mommy, it’s a Christmas map!
Mommy: No son, that’s traffic. And even if Santa was real, he’d be stuck on I-24 till January!
Son: Wait, what?

This is what happens in Nashville when it snows. Flurries is all it takes!

This is what happens in Nashville when it snows. Flurries is all it takes!

Animal Tracks in Snow

Below are a few animal tracks I came across north of Cincinnati, Ohio. With a good amount of snow, it was nice to be able to see these even hours after the animals passed through. There’s one set of tracks that I can’t identify. If you know what it is, feel free to respond below!

Christmas in the Snow

The highlight of this season is supposed to be family, being together, all that kind of stuff… but secretly, my favorite thing to do is take the dogs to the woods behind my sister’s house in Ohio. Piper (a beagle) hunts as if there’s no tomorrow. Asia (mixed) runs as if she stole something. It’s fun to watch. Here are a few pics…