Do dogs know when they’re getting old?

I was petting and snuggling with my dogs the other day and thinking about when Piper the beagle was a puppy. This was before we got Asia the mix heeler beagle. So many afternoons Piper and I would run around the back yard chasing each other. Barking, tussling, play fighting. It’s been a few yearsContinue reading “Do dogs know when they’re getting old?”

She Doesn’t Want To Be Left Behind

As many of you know, I have 2 pups. Piper is 12 yrs old and Asia is 11 yrs old… as pictured below. For their entire lives, up to last October, they only knew one place as being “home.” It was a house in Nashville, Tennessee. But since then we’ve packed up and through aContinue reading “She Doesn’t Want To Be Left Behind”

Camping at Lake Griffin State Park, Florida!

I think it’s impossible to visit a town called Fruitland Park and not be in a good mood! On my trek around Florida, I’ve stopped in this town to camp at Lake Griffin State Park for a few days. I definitely prefer parks that have some sort of water nearby whether it’s the ocean, aContinue reading “Camping at Lake Griffin State Park, Florida!”

Hardridge Creek Camping – Pictures Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I referenced Elvis Presley’s song “One Is Enough” because there’s this pandemic trend that is still going on to this day and it’s one of my top pet peeves at the moment. Click here for that story. But I guess I have to go against the message of that song because today’sContinue reading “Hardridge Creek Camping – Pictures Part 2”