I’ve never been ghosted so hard

She must be floating on a raft in the Gulf of Mexico. Stuck in a snowbound Texas airport. Got bit by a rattlesnake. Hit by a greyhound bus. Lost in one of those mirror rooms. Stuck on top of a ferris wheel. Watching all of Lord of the Rings back to back to back. SaidContinue reading “I’ve never been ghosted so hard”

I made a meme about dating in 2023

People dating in the 90s and 2000s had it so easy! Sometimes I tell my married friends how thankful they need to be that they aren’t in the dating world anymore. In fact, I made a meme that encapsulates the adult dating scene so well in 2022/23. For any of my readers who aren’t marriedContinue reading “I made a meme about dating in 2023”

2022’s Favorites – The Best That Came Out of the Wilderness

I have loved writing every day for the past 365 days! There have been posts written right up to the wire of my self-imposted deadline (posting at 1pm each day). Other days I have something written and have to be super patient to hold it till 1pm. Kicking this post off feels a lot likeContinue reading “2022’s Favorites – The Best That Came Out of the Wilderness”

The Final Dates of 2022

We’re three quarters through November so with about 6 weeks left of 2022, I *think* I’ve wrapped up my final dates of 2022. It was kind of crazy that I had a date after just a couple of months of being in Florida. In 2022 dates were few and far between but in the fallContinue reading “The Final Dates of 2022”

I almost had a date in Tulsa

Hello! Thanks for clicking on my post today. A couple things you should know before continuing: 1. I’m single. 2. I have been traveling in a travel trailer on and off this year. Ok, that’s a preface for my experience in Oklahoma recently. I had been camping around the southwest (you can read about allContinue reading “I almost had a date in Tulsa”