The fear of dating rejection…

I wrote yesterday about how I’ve not had a date in a couple months, mostly because I moved to a new city. But that’s not the only reason. For the longest time (going all the way back to my teens), I had a huge fear of rejection. So truth be told, I would only askContinue reading “The fear of dating rejection…”

Asking For Her Number

So I basically asked a girl for her number and she basically said no. I say basically because she actually never said no but she also never actually said her number. Basically, this sucks. But actually, maybe I’m better off because bringing it back to the basics, I asked a girl for her number, sheContinue reading “Asking For Her Number”

10 Signs He’s Into You

He uses his phone to call you, not just text. Remember the good ol’ days when you sat by the phone and waited, then the excitement when the phone rang? Not only is calling a sign of a confident man who likes you, it’s also classy. He answers the phone when you call. He’s not playing games withContinue reading “10 Signs He’s Into You”