Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton?

Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton? She’s without a doubt one of a kind in country music and now in rock music. She performed a new song at the recent ACM Awards Show and the 3 fans who weren’t staring at their phones (grrrrrr!!!) seemed to have enjoyed every second of it. Take aContinue reading “Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton?”

Top Christmas Commercials

Now…. NOW it’s perfectly fine to share Christmas commercials. Thanksgiving has come and gone so it’s time to air those Christmas ads, sell Christmas decor in the stores, turn on Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole! I can’t wait for the lights, the holiday commercials, the holi—– wait, what’s that!? You’ve already seen Christmas stuffContinue reading “Top Christmas Commercials”

Chapel Hart sings an homage to Dolly Parton, and Dolly responds

Earlier this week on America’s Got Talent, a country trio was the grand finale of the episode. They impressed the judges and Terry Crews (the host) so much that a show rule was broken just to give them a highly-sought after golden ticket to the live shows. Here was the memorable performance… The song, writtenContinue reading “Chapel Hart sings an homage to Dolly Parton, and Dolly responds”

Dolly Parton, the legend

I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for just about 16 years and it took about a day of living there to realize how respected Dolly is in the state. In fact, my dad and I were just talking about something that happened regarding her legacy there in Nashville. Some government officials wanted to make a statueContinue reading “Dolly Parton, the legend”

Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)

*click here for part 2 – a follow up to this Kohl’s holiday post* In 2020, Kohl’s delighted viewers with their Christmas commercial featuring the music of Willie Nelson. Check it out here. Now, their back with a brand new holiday ad that might give you the same fuzzy feelings as their last one. ByContinue reading “Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)”