Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!

While I was watching Hell’s Kitchen on the FOX app recently, an ad came on that immediately caught my attention. This is the first time I’ve heard of this organization, but it was the song that drew me in. Here is a behind the scenes of the ad and music. The Organization. Recovery Unplugged isContinue reading “Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!”

SKYRIZI goes country in new ad

Warning: this song WILL get stuck in your head. You’ve been warned. SKYRIZI seems to have hit a home run with their jingle for medication treating psoriasis. You need a prescription for the meds, but not for the beats. Listen to their original ad… While hipster clichĂ© phrases like, “Nothing is everything,” annoy me likeContinue reading “SKYRIZI goes country in new ad”

Band names… what were they thinking?

Sometimes the band names are so bad, it’s hard to tell which is the band, the song title, or the album title. Example below. Know what I mean? I saw the one pictured above at the gym and I refuse to look up more about this band/song/album. I refuse to give in to their attemptContinue reading “Band names… what were they thinking?”

Back when I didn’t know who Queen was

I usually like individual songs, not researching the band who performs them or entire albums from where they come. Such was the case when I was just a wee little lad and knew of a song called “We Will Rock You.” Who performed it? I didn’t know. What album it was on? I didn’t thinkContinue reading “Back when I didn’t know who Queen was”

Listening to all of band’s music

While I was walking my dogs recently I had my phone in my pocket, listening to music on Spotify. When I walk my dogs, I can’t really fiddle with my phone so I pretty much have to “set it and forget it.” This brings about a critical decision that needs to be made: What doContinue reading “Listening to all of band’s music”