The country singer we’re supposed to like

It kind of annoys me that a certain country singer is being forced down our throats. It reminds me a lot of this take on Olivia Rodrigo. But in Olivia’s case, at least she had a hit song first. This country singer is being presented as if she’s popular but the problem is, she doesn’tContinue reading “The country singer we’re supposed to like”

What’s the music in the new DoorDash ads? The answer’s here!

DoorDash has a series of new ads showing the wide array of items they can have delivered to you. A few are included below and if you watch, you’ll catch on that they use the same song as a tag at the end of each commercial… Would you believe this song is over 50 yearsContinue reading “What’s the music in the new DoorDash ads? The answer’s here!”

Christ, My Hiding Place

It was one of those moments where I was in the right place at the right time. There I was sitting in my camper in a random state park in Texas, remembering I have an iPod full of songs not found anywhere else in the world. These unique, one-of-a-kind songs come from my obsession withContinue reading “Christ, My Hiding Place”

Use this song to test your speakers!

A few months ago I was putting together a playlist, and came across a song that I love using to test my portable Sony speakers. I had never heard it before but I recommend it highly. It’s called “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil. It’s from the mid-80s (when I was listening toContinue reading “Use this song to test your speakers!”

Three songs that need a different beginning and end. 

I was recently putting together a playlist of music for my niece’s 21st birthday event. I was looking for songs that are upbeat, positive, and songs where you don’t need to pay close attention to the lyrics. Just great background music to keep people in a good mood as they arrive and chat with friends,Continue reading “Three songs that need a different beginning and end. “