Having Plantar Fasciitus

Jail. Confinement. Literal limitation. Constraint. My foot. I went to a podiatrist recently here in Nashville and discovered I have plantar fasciitus.

No problem!

You must be an exceptional athlete!

Wow, your foot smells like flowers!

…is not what the specialist said to me. Deformity. He repeated it often. Often enough for me to remember that he repeated it often. Ok, I get it, my feet are not exactly perfect. And all the shoes I bought because they were inexpensive or looked good, darn it… I should have been paying attention to other details! Jail. Since the summer when I bought brand new Nikes for basketball and used them for first time, the heel of my left foot has been achy. I described it to the phone-call nurse as feeling like my heel bone was sore to which she responded, “oh wow” to which I responded, “oh wow?” so I pretty much figured my foot would need amputation. Sidenote: don’t research your injuries on the internet. You’ll think you have cancer or you’re already beating the odds on your life expectancy.

So plantar fasciitus can be explained like this: I have a flat foot, the rubber band tendon from my heel to my toes is stretched too tight so it gets sore where it attaches to my heel bone. If my foot had a better arch, the band wouldn’t be stretched tight and wouldn’t get sore.

Remedy: admit I’m getting old.

…is not what’s happening. The doc gave me a few things I can do to help the soreness go away. Sidenote: the pain of icing my foot is way worse than the actual heel sorenesss, go figure. (It’s like picking what I want in my back yard, mole hills or holes where my dogs dig up the moles). I suppose I’ll do the ice thing, and… gasp… deep breath… sigh… stop running for a little while.

So I’m icing my foot at least once a day, using an elastic band, and soon I’ll be wearing custom orthotics. Hey, anything custom is cool. Custom paint job. Custom sound system. US Customs. Yeah, custom orthotics. I’m the coolest. Well, I will be after I fix this silly…


Out of the Wilderness

Pet Peeves

A few of my current pet peeves.

1. Long receipts. So much information that I’ll never read. Check out your neighborhood Wal-Mart and you may notice the same thing I noticed. I recently went there to buy dog food when PetSmart was closed. I bought one thing, dog food. My receipt was 11.75 inches long! (yes I measured)

2. The recurring “must restart computer message”… every 5 minutes. Is it so important to restart my computer and install updates that I should drop everything I’m doing or be reminded to do so 96 times in a day (5 times per hour for 8 hours)? I don’t want to restart my computer right now. Ask me again at 6pm. This is almost as annoying as getting emails that tell me my mailbox is almost full.
3. Emails that tell me my mailbox is almost full. Well, if they’d stop sending me emails about it, my mailbox wouldn’t be so full!
4. Christian Copycat. This next one has been on my list for a long time. Nothing is more uncreative, nothing is more cheesy than copycat marketing. Christian apparel does this religously. Hehe, get it?
5. “In Memory Of” car stickers. I’m not trying to offend anyone with this pet peeve of mine. I’m in total support of honoring those that have died, certainly people that were close, whether family or friends. But what exactly is in memory of the person? The way you drive? Your car? Your rear window?
6. CBS Channel 5 in Nashville. I have Comcast cable and CBS comes in snowy. Maybe the pet peeve is that I have Comcast cable.
7. Fist bumps. Ok, I’ll admit it was cool back in the early 2000s, but here’s the rule to go by: when ESPN anchors do it, it’s no longer cool.