Nike “Play New” Commercial – The music, the voice, and more!

Nike’s “Play New” ad is one I’d categorize as being for the rest of us. The non-professional athletes. The non-good athletes. The ones that, like the commercial says, try something new and find out we kind of stink at it. Here’s the ad… Getting personal. For me it’s golf. Well, golf and skateboarding. Oh, andContinue reading “Nike “Play New” Commercial – The music, the voice, and more!”

Having Plantar Fasciitus

Jail. Confinement. Literal limitation. Constraint. My foot. I went to a podiatrist recently here in Nashville and discovered I have plantar fasciitus. No problem! You must be an exceptional athlete! Wow, your foot smells like flowers! …is not what the specialist said to me. Deformity. He repeated it often. Often enough for me to rememberContinue reading “Having Plantar Fasciitus”

Pet Peeves

A few of my current pet peeves. 1. Long receipts. So much information that I’ll never read. Check out your neighborhood Wal-Mart and you may notice the same thing I noticed. I recently went there to buy dog food when PetSmart was closed. I bought one thing, dog food. My receipt was 11.75 inches long!Continue reading “Pet Peeves”