Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?

Not too long ago during the NCAA basketball tournaments, Buick sort of went out on a limb (I guess?) with an ad promoting women’s sports. How they went about it was the potential risk and you can read my review of the ad campaign here. In a nutshell, though, the ads were ironic and aContinue reading “Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?”

Invesco QQQ commercials – too many or not enough?

Why is it that from all of last weekend’s amazing March Madness basketball games (I didn’t watch any of the women’s games, sorry Buick), the one memory that keeps bubbling up to the top of my brain is Invesco QQQ commercials? You might say it’s from the huge advertising push from the company, and IContinue reading “Invesco QQQ commercials – too many or not enough?”

Buick’s “See Her Greatness” Commercials – Genius or Ironic Fail?

Hello and thanks for coming over to this blog post today. I post every day at 1pm central about all sorts of things. Today’s entry is about a series of ads from car manufacturer Buick. The message couldn’t be more culturally relevant. Take a look (more accurately, a “listen”) to this ad… I know YouTubeContinue reading “Buick’s “See Her Greatness” Commercials – Genius or Ironic Fail?”

Sugarland’s “Babe” video: Stars, cars, and… a jaguar?

Everyone knows by now that Taylor Swift had a heavy hand in the direction of Sugarland‘s new “Babe” video… she co-wrote the song (along with Train’s Pat Monahan), sings background, and plays a role in the video. But there’s more to it! Check out some fun stuff below. The cheating husband is Brandon Routh. TheContinue reading “Sugarland’s “Babe” video: Stars, cars, and… a jaguar?”