Volkswagen Jitterbug Commercial – The Music, Star Wars, and More

HelloOoOoOoOo there and thanks for coming by to check out more from the Volkswagen commercial featuring a dad and his adorable daughter. They’re both actors, most likely, or in the case of the toddler, one of the crews daughters but still, they both do well selling the warmth of a father-daughter relationship. Take a lookContinue reading “Volkswagen Jitterbug Commercial – The Music, Star Wars, and More”

Ford Raptor Commercial – “All In” on Gay Pride

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I post every day at 1pm central so take a sec to sign up for email reminders. I write about all kinds of things from dating, camping, roller skating, and commercials like today’s post. For some reason Ford thought it would be a good idea to release someContinue reading “Ford Raptor Commercial – “All In” on Gay Pride”

Mother’s Day Commercials and Music

We’d be nothing without our mothers. They love, nurture, teach, comfort, discipline, guard. On this Mother’s Day, here’s a celebration of moms as seen in sweet and/or funny TV commercials. Click on the title for more info on each ad. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Publix Red Velvet Mother’s Surprise. A husband sweetly prepares a mealContinue reading “Mother’s Day Commercials and Music”

Do These Obnoxious Spectrum Commercials Work?

A few new ads from Spectrum highlight a question I’ve had for a long time. In these ads, their spokesman (actor John Hoogenakker, who’s also a voice for Chevrolet) goes around interrupting people as they go about their day. Here’s one such ad… OK, so I get it that the commercials are meant for humorContinue reading “Do These Obnoxious Spectrum Commercials Work?”

Visit California? This commercial says yes!

The state of California wants us to come visit unless, of course, you already live there. Then I guess they want you to stay. “Please, for the love of God, stay!” california California has more people leaving than any other state, so I’m not surprised this commercial keeps reappearing (March 2023 update: they have aContinue reading “Visit California? This commercial says yes!”