Only Daisy Cottage Cheese Ad – The Music and More…

Evidently this ad has been out for at least a year but it’s brand new to me. Check out Daisy’s commercial for cottage cheese, and be warned: you will be singing this song for at least the next three hours. This might be the catchiest original song in a commercial ever. One fan has evenContinue reading “Only Daisy Cottage Cheese Ad – The Music and More…”

Facebook DeafHoops Group ad… the music and more!

Facebook has an ad out now pushing their Groups platform, a place where people of common interests can “meet” and share all the things. This new ad uses a group of deaf basketball players, take a look… The DeafHoops Facebook Group is private and has over two thousand members. If you’d like to join, clickContinue reading “Facebook DeafHoops Group ad… the music and more!”

Mixed reviews for Powerade and Liberty Mutual TV commercials

I was going to write about these two ads separately but it seems my feelings for the Powerade ads matches the mixed reviews for the Liberty Mutual ads. Before we get into it, here are both commercials. Powerade. When I first saw one of these ads (because there are a series of ads in theContinue reading “Mixed reviews for Powerade and Liberty Mutual TV commercials”

Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!

Kohl’s really nailed it with their holiday ad from Christmas 2020, and now they’re back with an adorable new commercial that might just make you grin from ear to ear. Check it out… This commercial was shot in Burbank, CA, more specifically at the address: 721 North Orchard Drive. The market value of the homeContinue reading “Kohl’s hopscotch ad: the actors, music, and location!”

Airbnb “Forever Young” TV Ad

Airbnb has released a series of ads showing off their “Hosts” offering for overnight stays. They’ve had one using the great Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” and another with “Landslide”. Below is Airbnb’s ad featuring a song you may recognize, check it out… The background… Airbnb shares the story of the folks featuredContinue reading “Airbnb “Forever Young” TV Ad”