Merry Christmas from Out of the Wilderness!

I was driving around town the other day and came across a holiday-inspired home and thought it would be the perfect picture to post on Christmas. So here it is:

Nothing says Merry Christmas like lights, music, and Charlie Brown. But let’s also remember the true “reason for the season,” the birth of Jesus. He did something he didn’t have to do because we can’t do something we need to do. And that something is make things right with God. He didn’t have to come down to earth for us, but he did. He didn’t have to start life as a baby, but he did. He didn’t have to face opposition, ridicule, and death, but he did.

He did it for you. He did it for me. So I ask you on this Christmas day, what will you do about it? What will I do about it? I always come back to one key thought regarding my faith in him. Where is his body? You might doubt everything about the Christian faith, the Bible, the church, pastors, people you know. But Jesus was a real man. He was born. He lived. He died. But where is his body?

Spoiler alert, you’ll never find it. Why? I believe it’s because it’s no longer in the grave he was laid in after his crucifixion. So that means everything. The entire story is a roller coaster, but one of the beautiful parts is when Jesus left Heaven to join mankind on the earth he created. This is Christmas, Charlie Brown.

Jesus did what he didn’t have to do.

So to sum up, if you’re going to put up lights and decorations, do it big! Also, Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

-Out of the Wilderness

Woman yelling at kids in car, and what it might mean

She was pumping gas on a cold winter day. The wind was somehow making its way past my coat, and I’m sure she was feeling the same intrusive bite. Then I noticed her lean into the passenger side window, peering back towards two toddlers buckled in. She said, “Shut up and DO NOT talk.”

I was startled, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know where she came from or what happened before she stopped to refuel. I hoped it wasn’t as dramatic as it appeared.

But who does that? Who tells a young child to “shut up”? I went away from that encounter thinking, somewhat humorously, “Maybe I’m not such a bad person after all.” Was I just deflecting the gravity of the situation by keeping it light, at least in my mind? I don’t know. I am not judging the woman. Like I said, I don’t know what her full situation was. Certainly there is/was more to the story.

I’ve certainly been upset enough to lash out, especially when I’m in my car dealing with other drivers. In fact, I’m reminded of a moment at a gas station when a woman was in her car talking on the phone, while all the stalls were taken and I was driving around unsuccessfully trying to get gas. When she got out, I let her know of my frustration, and I was wrong to do that.

I guess this instance recently can serve as a good reminder to take a breath. Relax. It’s all gonna be O.K. I hope you are having an extra abundance of patience this holiday season. Don’t let other people determine your mood… and I’ll try doing the same.

-Out of the Wilderness

Coke’s Holiday North Pole Commercial: The Actor, Wind Farms, and More!

Coca-Cola might have the best holiday commercial this season with the letter delivery to Santa. Get your tissues ready and take a look at the long version…

From Coke’s website, “Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi directed the spot in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy London.” Also, this:

The actor playing the dad is Cohen Holloway and you can find him on Twitter here.

In this ad, the dad is shown working on an offshore wind farm. More about New Zealand’s work with wind can be found here. He leaves the wind farm rig and bounds around the world in search of Santa. Thankfully, he finds him (or, is found by Santa, really), and the ad ends happily.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

Children’s Books This Christmas

Some of you know that I have written two children’s books, but for those that don’t… I’ve written two children’s books! Every year around this time I like to remind folks that if they’re looking for a nice gift for a tiny loved one, they have two good options (the books I mentioned just 7 seconds ago!).

I wrote the first one after the title popped in my mind one day. “Big and Small, God Made Them All”… I wondered what this could look like if I wrote more about what it means to me. Could it be a blog? A video? Well, it turned into a book which I self-published, featuring artwork by Laura Watson. The message is simple: We often overlook a million things that, if you stop to notice, will amaze you with their details. These things we find throughout our world and our lives are a reflection of God’s creativity because He made them all! Find the book on Amazon here.

My second book began before I even knew it. I was at a Nashville dog park chatting with another dog owner, her dog’s name was Bamboo. I filed this in my mind under “dog names I need to remember.” Years later I still had the name tucked away until the perfect time to bring it back. The story in this book features a hound with big ears, of course his name is Bamboo! “The Brave Bamboo” is about a timid puppy who has a chance to become a hero. There’s danger in the back yard and only Bamboo can save the day. Check out his story by picking up a copy on Amazon here!

I can also send you signed copies of either book, just comment below and we can set something up. Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

Scrabble to Release New “Joe Biden Words” Edition

Pawtucket, RI — Hasbro has announced a special edition of their classic, well-loved board game Scrabble in honor of President-Elect, Joe Biden. Along with all the game pieces that come with the standard version, this edition includes a “cheat sheet” for officially approved words Biden has made up direct from the campaign trail; Words like strenthenin, heewuzhoo, prejudent, and more! Do you want to use a combination of letters that make no sense? Check the list of Biden words and go for it!

The limited edition will hit shelves in a few weeks, just in time for Christmas. Hasbro will run with an online ad campaign using a catchy slogan: “Scrabble with Biden – full of fun with no malarkey!”

-OTW News