The Amazon Christmas Boxes Commercial – The Music and the Singer

It’s so fitting that one of my final posts of 2022 would be about a commercial. I’ve discovered that I love researching ads and relaying info to you, the reader! I’ve written quite a bit about Amazon because they seem to always have great actors and memorable music in their ads. This time is reallyContinue reading “The Amazon Christmas Boxes Commercial – The Music and the Singer”

Driving To See Christmas Lights

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I think a post about Christmas lights is still *barely* relevant… “barely,” unless you’re one of those people who keep their lights up till mid-February, of course. Heck, SiriusXM has already changed some Christmas stations back to regular music! At least they could play holiday tunes till NewContinue reading “Driving To See Christmas Lights”

Merry Christmas from Out of the Wilderness

First, thank you to everyone who’s followed my blog this year! For multiple reasons, it’s so fun to write every day. I’ll say this, it *is* sometimes difficult to come up with something to write about daily, as I’m sure you can imagine. I tend to write mostly about music in TV commercials because IContinue reading “Merry Christmas from Out of the Wilderness”

Everybody and their mother’s writing about the cold weather

I wanted so badly to write about something other than the weather but is there anything else more relevant right now than this miserable cold? Here I am in Florida and I can’t feel my fingers or my ears…what the heck! As a kid I loved when it would snow. Snow meant sledding, snowball fights,Continue reading “Everybody and their mother’s writing about the cold weather”

The Toyota Christmas Commercial – The Music and the Car

Toyota has a Christmas commercial airing just in time for the big day. No, I’m not talking about my birthday (which IS coming up, by the way 😉 ), it’s Christmas! In less than a week, people all over the world will be celebrating with presents and singing and lots of happiness. But until thatContinue reading “The Toyota Christmas Commercial – The Music and the Car”