Red River Rivalry Commercial Music

A Red River Rivalry TV commercial this year features singer Bishop Briggs with an intoxicating country alternative song called “River”. Check out the ad here… …and here is the full track. …and here is my favorite video and song from Bishop Briggs. Do you like the song used in the Red River Rivalry ad? ChimeContinue reading “Red River Rivalry Commercial Music”

Indeed “Write Your Story” Commercial – The Music

Indeed is promoting their brand with a new ad on TV and streaming and, of course, it includes a soundtrack you might be curious about. Here’s the ad… This short 15-second ad features a song called “My Time Is Now” by Le Bon. The full track, should you choose to listen, is below. Note thatContinue reading “Indeed “Write Your Story” Commercial – The Music”

DoorDash Dash Pass Commercial – the Actor, the Hound, and the Music!

What do you get when you combine an adorable basset, a man hard at work, and the convenience of anytime deliveries? Besides a loyal hound, you’d have the elements of a great DoorDash ad. Take a look… I mean, can you even resist the cuteness of that hound dog? We’ll get to him in aContinue reading “DoorDash Dash Pass Commercial – the Actor, the Hound, and the Music!”

Lyrics and more from the Progressive / Addams Family TV commercial

Progressive and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer offer up a great example of integrated marketing (definition, paraphrased: one advertisement promotes two or more businesses/entities). Check it out below… The lyrics. The clever lyrics to the tune of the original Addams Family theme song are as follows: They’re nice but irritating, their excitement can get grating, they’re dressed for pastryContinue reading “Lyrics and more from the Progressive / Addams Family TV commercial”

Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!

Allstate has quite a few memorable ads lately. I have written about a few of them, one catching on because of the beautiful island featured in the ad titled “Island,” which you can read about here. Or another about a controversial hood ornament, more on that here. Now, though, Allstate shows a woman driving intoContinue reading “Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!”