OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together” Basketball Ad – the music, the foul, and more!

Oreo has a new ad out featuring two young men playing basketball. The smaller baller delivers an elbow to the face of his opponent, and, well, see what happens next in the ad… I will include a higher quality video of the commercial once Oreo uploads. For now, here is some fun info… The Music.Continue reading “OREO “Life’s Sweeter Together” Basketball Ad – the music, the foul, and more!”

Zillow’s “Susan” commercial featuring me, me, me, and an owl

If you’ve been at home Zillaxing (relaxing by scrolling through Zillow, hat tip: Laura Barnehama) and had the TV on, you might have seen this new, very funny, Zillow ad called “Susans.” Check it out then scroll down for more info… The actress. All of Susan’s personalities are played by actress Molly Lloyd. Check outContinue reading “Zillow’s “Susan” commercial featuring me, me, me, and an owl”

Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!

While I was watching Hell’s Kitchen on the FOX app recently, an ad came on that immediately caught my attention. This is the first time I’ve heard of this organization, but it was the song that drew me in. Here is a behind the scenes of the ad and music. The Organization. Recovery Unplugged isContinue reading “Recovery Unplugged commercial, the music and more!”

All the creatures in Jeep’s “Earth Odyssey” TV commercial

Before we get to the list of specific wild animals and creatures appearing in this ad, check out the ad and… best to do it with surround sound on! In order of appearance, this commercial includes: Hippopotamus Iguana Alligator Indri Lemur Elephants Buffalo Gorilla Sloth Wolves Goat Alligator Snapping Turtle Peacock Great Horned Owl CassowaryContinue reading “All the creatures in Jeep’s “Earth Odyssey” TV commercial”

More about IKEA’s “Our Little World” TV commercial

IKEA’s new commercial advertising a duvet (Smasporre renewable cotton, $19.99) features a lullaby-type song called “Book of Dreams” by Daniel Tashian. Here is the full track… The minute-long ad was created by Rethink, Canada. It was directed by directed Canadian director, Mark Zibert. More details are in this article from IBBonline. Also from IBBonline, “TheContinue reading “More about IKEA’s “Our Little World” TV commercial”