I still cringe when I hear this word

There’s a song by Elvis Presley called “Once Is Enough” and that’s exactly how I feel about a word that gained popularity because of the pandemic. The word had already been used perfectly in a scene from Friends. Ross, Rachel, and Chandler were bringing a couch up a narrow stairwell when Ross barked out instructions…Continue reading “I still cringe when I hear this word”

Matthew McConaughey Salesforce Space Commercial – The Music and the Actor

Salesforce has a commercial that’s out of this world. Literally. But it’s also very much in the world. Or on earth? In orbit? I don’t know but here’s the ad. Scroll down for more info… The Actor. The guy playing the astronaut is actor Matthew McConaughey. You may recognize him as the fan cheering fromContinue reading “Matthew McConaughey Salesforce Space Commercial – The Music and the Actor”

Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley

My family and I got a kick out of watching the Vanderbilt baseball team in the World Series the other day. The games themselves were entertaining, with both Vandy and Mississippi State playing good ball (although they played good on separate days, making the scores rather lopsided). One thing we especially took notice of isContinue reading “Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley”

A few peculiar things about Elvis Presley and his music

I have been an Elvis Presley fan for a long time and it’s something I share with my dad, which is really cool. Over the years I’ve come to really appreciate Elvis’s music and style. I don’t think either can be matched by anyone ever again because of the era in which he was famous.Continue reading “A few peculiar things about Elvis Presley and his music”

Elvis Presley’s “Something Blue,” A Top 5 Favorite?

If you ask 100 people to list their top 5 favorite Elvis Presley songs, it’s very possible that no list will be the same. This is because Elvis has such a wide range of songs, from gospel and rock to ballads and movie soundtracks. Quickly rising up my list of favorites is one I heardContinue reading “Elvis Presley’s “Something Blue,” A Top 5 Favorite?”