Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton?

Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton? She’s without a doubt one of a kind in country music and now in rock music. She performed a new song at the recent ACM Awards Show and the 3 fans who weren’t staring at their phones (grrrrrr!!!) seemed to have enjoyed every second of it. Take aContinue reading “Is there anyone cooler than Dolly Parton?”

Samsung If I Can Dream Christmas Ad – The Location, the Music, and More!

As one who’s just joined the flip side (read a recap of my flip phone journey), I thought it would be fitting to write about the Samsung Galaxy Christmas commercial, plus it features a song by my all-time favorite artist Elvis Presley. Take a look, then scroll down for more info… The Location. This adContinue reading “Samsung If I Can Dream Christmas Ad – The Location, the Music, and More!”

Elvis the movie experience!

Good Luck Charm… Obviously it was expected that Tom Hanks would do a great job but I’ll just echo what everyone is saying… the acting was amazing. And all I can really say is, Austin Butler. Austin Butler. Austin Freakin’ Butler! He played Elvis and I’m not exaggerating when I say that, at times, IContinue reading “Elvis the movie experience!”