Samsung If I Can Dream Christmas Ad – The Location, the Music, and More!

As one who’s just joined the flip side (read a recap of my flip phone journey), I thought it would be fitting to write about the Samsung Galaxy Christmas commercial, plus it features a song by my all-time favorite artist Elvis Presley. Take a look, then scroll down for more info…

The Location. This ad is shot in Prague, Czechia. It appears that the street is Římská Street. This is just one of many shoots in Prague as explained in the video below, including clips from Kanye West and Apple.

The Music. The original song is by Elvis Presley in 1968. This, however, is a cover and fans have narrowed it town to Georgia Crandon or Lake Street Dive. Oh gosh, is this turning into a heated debate like deciding if the dress is blue or black, or what do you hear, Yanny or Laurel (spoiler alert, it’s Yanny!)? In the Samsung commercial, is it Georgia Crandon or Lake Street Dive singing the cover? Let the convincing begin!

Do you like the ad? Where does it land on your all-time favorite Christmas commercials? On my list, I’d add it to the top five somewhere behind this AT&T commercial and this Amazon commercial. Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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11 thoughts on “Samsung If I Can Dream Christmas Ad – The Location, the Music, and More!

  1. I love the commercial version best. Too bad I can’t find it. I don’t like the original Elvis version as much.


  2. Final thought (I promise). Carola Häggkvist sang If I can Dream as part of many of her stage performances, dating back to 1983 (she was17) however, the song does not appear as a track on an album, until her 18th album in 2003, “Guld, Platina, & Passion”. As far as I have been able to determine, the song in the Samsung commercial is the If I Can Dream track from that album.
    Just an interesting side note, her fourth studio album “Runaway” (1986) was written and produced for her by The Bee Gees who also provided back up vocals for most of the songs.


  3. Lake Street Dive has never done a cover of If I Can Dream, and Georgia Crandon did do a cover of the song, but it doesn’t sound even remotely close to the singer in the commercial, Crandon’s voice is too deep.


  4. I apologize two strikes back to back, but this is without question the correct version. the opening trumpet is a dead ringer for that in the commercial, as is Carola’s voice.
    I apologize for wasting space with the two previous screw ups, but I really think I nailed it this time. Regardless, I am done speculating. Feel free to disregard/delete my previous comments, I will lie or die with this one.

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