What I DON’T like about the Samsung Flip4

Usually my philosophy when it’s time to upgrade my cell phone is to get one that serves 3 purposes, besides the obvious stuff like call, text, data, etc.

  1. It’s not an iPhone
  2. Not expensive
  3. Get a phone that won’t get stolen

So basically, if I fulfill that first one by not getting an iPhone, the other two generally happen naturally. My last phone was a Motorola, before that was a HTC One, you get the idea. No one was going to be stealing those phones.

When it was time to upgrade the Motorola I waited until there was a good deal from Verizon. I had a cracked screen so I knew it was time for a new phone. Also, I should get a case for my phones, sheesh! I had my list narrowed down to the Flip 4, Pixel 7 Pro, and possibly the Motorola Edge. But a deal popped up for the Flip 4 that I couldn’t resist so here I am with a phone that’s not an iPhone (check!), but it’s mildly expensive (half check!), and I’m not sure but I think it could get stolen (no check!). Yep, I joined the flip side.

Because it’s new and shiny, I barely let it out of my sight and the other day I realized what I don’t like about it. It’s that I treat it like the ring and I’m Gollum! I was hanging out with my brother and a few of his kids and while that sounds like a ton of fun, which is true, I was on edge because the phone was in my pocket. We were doing something where it could’ve been damaged if I wasn’t careful. This “danger” actually affected my adventurous spirit. How lame is that?

I know that probably happens with any new toy (phones, computers, cars, etc) but I just don’t like that just in the first few days of having the phone it affected my mood, even if it was subtle. Actually, maybe it’s more annoying that it was subtle. But overly protective mood shift aside, the phone is pretty fantastic!

Do you have moments like I had, where you realize some external thing gave you anxiety where you usually don’t have anxiety? If you want to share, comment below!

Thanks for dropping (actually, the word “dropping” while talking about a new phone gives me anxiety again) stopping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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