Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – Woman Folds and Joins the Flip Side

Is it one of those things where consumers are demanding a foldable phone, or are the phone makers telling us we want a foldable phone? I guess that’s sort of the question that’s always on the forefront of marketing, especially in the tech world. Whatever the answer, Samsung is pushing hard for consumers to adopt a phone that is set apart from boring tech like the iPhone. Take a look at their latest “horrific” commercial.

It’s like a mini horror movie. I love it! Also, is this not what happens to us when we’re shopping for something specific? Let’s say I need a new pair of shoes and I like Brooks. Then everywhere I go, all I see are people wearing Brooks. I think it happens with car shopping, too. Last year I became obsessed with the Jeep Gladiator. Once it was stuck in my mind, I started seeing these Jeeps everywhere I went. To look at it in a more sinister way, especially with how “big tech” is nowadays, if I were to search for Brooks shoes online, I’d start getting Brooks ads in my Facebook timeline or Instagram feed.

What we want becomes all we see.

This is definitely the case with this woman in the commercial. It’s a nice burn of the Apple iPhone, too. Truth be told, most smartphones do what we need them to do for us (email, social, YouTube, etc). But Samsung is offering us variety in a major way. Instead of the next slightly different and newer version of the iPhone, why not pick up something that is truly unique and solves problems we encounter with phones (taking a group shot, for example)?

Consumers will determine whether the flip-style phone catches on… again. But if we’ve learned anything from this ad, it’s that there’s a lot more out there than the iPhone. 😉

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-Out of the Wilderness

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