Village Creek, Texas – Deer, Mosquitoes, and a Giant Spider

Texas doesn’t seem so far away from Florida, but I *think* that’s because I’ve been stopping to camp along the way. Recaps of my trips can be found on the Camping Stories page. Check it out! OK, so I spent 3 days in Village Creek State Park.

The plan was to kayak, bike, and well I guess that’s my plan at every state park. Am I really that simple?

*stars into the abyss contemplating the meaning of life*

Snap out of it! Ok, I’m back. Village Creek is a small state park in Lumberton, Texas, with only around 20 campsites for RVs/trailers. It was easy to figure out the lay of the land because there’s one road in and it’s basically a straight shot to the creek access, and that’s where the road ends. Either you put a canoe or kayak in, or you turn around and go think about what your purpose in life is.

I decided to kayak.

I paddled one way, then paddled back. The current wasn’t too bad. I came up on a family swimming. I swore if I heard a banjo, I’d paddle faster and never look back. “Deliverance” jokes aside, it was enjoyable. The biggest downside was the distance from the campsite to the boat launch area… about half a mile. Not too bad, I guess.

The second day I was calling a day of photography. So I walked back towards the creek (camera batter fullyl charged!). That’s a reference to this story of a deer swimming across the creek and my battery almost dying. I walked on some of the designated trails and snapped a few photos between mosquito bites. Seriously, I need to be more consistent with bug spray, especially in early September when it’s still hot. You know when you go to Golden Corral and you eat from the buffet? On this hike, I WAS THE BUFFET. So many mosquitoes. But here are a few pics.

Overall, I enjoyed the park. The creek was the highlight. I didn’t hike all of the trails, so I might have missed out on more wildlife. With that said, the deer crossing the creek is something I won’t forget and for that alone, I’m glad I stopped here. If you go, definitely explore the creek area but don’t forget your bug spray!

-Out of the Wilderness


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