Mother’s Day Commercials and Music

We’d be nothing without our mothers. They love, nurture, teach, comfort, discipline, guard. On this Mother’s Day, here’s a celebration of moms as seen in sweet and/or funny TV commercials. Click on the title for more info on each ad. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Publix Red Velvet Mother’s Surprise. A husband sweetly prepares a mealContinue reading “Mother’s Day Commercials and Music”

Chewacla State Park camping – Auburn, Alabama

Most of my camping trips center around exploring nature whether it’s rivers, lakes, ocean, wildlife, or hiking through forests. And before I admit this weekend trip to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama was NOT centered around those things, the park is actually pretty good for that kind of thing, as far as I canContinue reading “Chewacla State Park camping – Auburn, Alabama”

Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!

Hope you’re having a great weekend already. I had my fingers crossed that the worst of winter was in the past but this weekend in north Florida it’s a bit chilly. For this reason, it’s nice to head south so that’s exactly what I did recently. I went to two state parks (recap of LakeContinue reading “Wekiwa Springs Wildlife and More!”

Are there manatees at Lake Manatee State Park? I’m camping and I have answers!

My first camping trip in 2023 is to Lake Manatee State Park, down near Tampa, Florida. I’m turning into a regular snowbird, aren’t I? But you won’t hear an “eh” or a “you betcha” quite yet. Last January I went south to Orlando area where I camped in two recreation areas, Alexander Springs (recap) andContinue reading “Are there manatees at Lake Manatee State Park? I’m camping and I have answers!”

Woman attacked by bison at Texas State Park

The bison roaming around Caprock State Park are big. They’re also not interested in being less wild, and I love that about them. A woman recently learned the hard way that you don’t mess with them… meaning: don’t get too close, don’t tick them off, don’t get between them and their offspring, don’t take chances.Continue reading “Woman attacked by bison at Texas State Park”