Pictures of things that have no idea there is a pandemic happening

I love that nature pretty much knows only one thing. Be. Just be. Eat. Grow. Go about their God-given business. These pictures are from the Mill Creek greenway in Nashville, Tennessee. Piper and Asia appear courtesy of their management, “Beagles’R’Us”. IMG_20200401_095103IMG_20200401_095305IMG_20200401_100020IMG_20200401_101032IMG_20200401_101426IMG_20200401_101655IMG_20200401_102239IMG_20200401_102248IMG_20200401_102321IMG_20200401_102326IMG_20200401_102327IMG_20200401_102720IMG_20200401_102739IMG_20200401_102959

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-Out of the Wilderness

I AM that bird

The story of the bird I posted recently has managed to lodge it’s place in my mind ever since. As tragic as it was for the bird, the driver of the car, and me, I need there to be something good coming from it. What can I learn? What can I do to make up for it? That’s the main reason I’ve decided to save a bird, to balance the scales in a way.

Well, on a day trip to Memphis I had another thought about this bird and it almost stopped me in my tracks. This little bird was just trying to survive, avoid hardship, elude predators, to make a life for itself… this bird is ME.

I float around Nashville enjoying the beauty of all that’s here: friends, outdoors, music, all the good things I experience. I try to avoid hardship whenever possible, elude predators (like the inclination to have road rage, for instance), to be selfish, to lust… but a lot of times I am naive like this little bird. I land in the middle of life’s road just to be run over by sin.

I blame the evil forces at work in this world. They approach so slowly sometimes I don’t even see them coming. Then boom, they flatten me when I try to escape.


While I was wrestling with these thoughts, halfway from Nashville to Memphis, I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed. Then this song popped up on Spotify…

…and I cried. God is so loving that, as a shepherd, He will leave the ninety-nine sheep to rescue the one who’s strayed away. I’m so grateful for this love. And as this song builds towards the ending, it becomes a celebration. I’m very much hoping and believing this is how life is supposed to go, too. No matter the struggle, it can turn into a celebration. Even as a little, often helpless bird, I can soar on wings like an eagle because I know God is FOR me. If only I can have hope in Him.

This hope is for all of us, too.

-Out of the Wilderness



Passing by beauty

The other day I was walking my dogs and about halfway through I noticed this beautiful tree standing alone in a field that had just been cut back. Take a look.


I thought, “How rare and precious! I’m so lucky to have seen this one tree in an area where none others exist. Amazing!”

The dogs and I kept on the walk and that’s when I noticed something. I already knew how silly I can be, but this was yet more evidence. For the entire walk, and totally unaware, I had walked by about 15 of the same kind of trees. I just hadn’t noticed!

The obvious lesson here is to pay attention to what’s around you, as I clearly didn’t. But another lesson is this: Presentation matters. I hadn’t noticed the other white-petaled trees because 1. I wasn’t paying attention but 2. they were lost among the rest of the trees and underbrush. This one stood out because the surrounding area had been cleared, which drew my attention to the tree.

I hope you’re able to notice the beauty around you today!

-Out of the Wilderness




There I sit, by the lake.
Two squirrels snooping around for something to take.

Empty fruit cups beside a trash can.
Squirrels descend on them like a crazy fan.

One squirrels gets it, he’s licking a cup.
The other can’t figure out how to turn it up.

He bites and scratches at the bottom.
It’s upside down, little guy, is what I want to tell him.

His buddy going to town,
searching around,
Whole head inside the cup, cleaning it up and down.

Meanwhile the other still determined to taste
the deliciousness of the leftover fruity waste.

From a distant tree a third squirrel appears.
Hops to the trash and strikes fear.

He runs the other two off, up the trees they run.
Third guy now owns this land under the sun.

The cups are now his, too, and trying to fill his tummy
He goes to the cup that’s upside down, what a dummy.

I approach with a goal to help out,
but he runs off with the cup in his mouth.

And such was my morning as I sat by the lake.