The biggest turtle I’ve ever seen not in a zoo

There I was, sitting comfortably in my trailer working on another puzzle to create. I look out the window and oh my, my, my… I saw this huge creature off in the distance! I rushed out to gather anyone who was close to go marvel at it. So a few of us curiously gathered aroundContinue reading “The biggest turtle I’ve ever seen not in a zoo”

Alexander Springs – my favorite photographs

Hello and thanks for hopping aboard this photo tour of Alexander Springs Recreational Area. I’ve been on a mini camping tour around central Florida, the first pit stop was in Gainesville (click here) then I was in Juniper Springs State Park for four days (click here). Without a whole lot of set up, I’d describeContinue reading “Alexander Springs – my favorite photographs”

creatures of Bear Island

These were seen on Bear Island on Percy Priest Lake, southeast Nashville, Tennessee. I was very surprised by the variety of wildlife we saw while we hiked around the island. Thankfully no bears, I feel like that needs to be said! 🙂 A few things we didn’t snag a picture of that you might wantContinue reading “creatures of Bear Island”

Turtle power!

I was just minutes away from arriving at the ultimate 2020 spring break destination when an almost unthinkable thing almost happened… almost! Driving on a two-lane road I could see in the distance something in the middle of my lane. I’m sure you’ve seen this before: a turtle slowly crossing the road. After passing him,Continue reading “Turtle power!”