Lake sunset in Nashville, Tennessee

I went over to Percy Priest Lake the other day around sunset for a couple of reasons. It was a not-freezing-our-butts-off day so I had to get out and do SOMEthing. If you didn’t know, Nashville (and the south) had a crazy cold, snowy week that seemed to last a year. It was picturesque allContinue reading “Lake sunset in Nashville, Tennessee”

Bird, You Weren’t Made to Walk

I wonder if this bird ever thinks, “This kinda stinks, I can’t even walk.” Then from somewhere a voice says, “Bird, you weren’t made to walk.” I really wanted to write about how I’ve had friends who only think of the disadvantages in their life but, just to be honest, most of my friends areContinue reading “Bird, You Weren’t Made to Walk”

creatures of Bear Island

These were seen on Bear Island on Percy Priest Lake, southeast Nashville, Tennessee. I was very surprised by the variety of wildlife we saw while we hiked around the island. Thankfully no bears, I feel like that needs to be said! 🙂 A few things we didn’t snag a picture of that you might wantContinue reading “creatures of Bear Island”

We’re STILL walking around Bear Island

What started as a kayak adventure turned into a half day of kayaking AND hiking when we beached our kayaks on Bear Island (yes, it’s shaped like a bear). We had already checked out Luau Island (more on that here) so when we arrived at Bear Island, we explored nearby. Then we started walking alongContinue reading “We’re STILL walking around Bear Island”