Eagle sightings and a territory battle

There’s a dead tree close by that bald eagles have been perching on the past couple of days. Well, maybe it’s one bald eagle (not multiple eagles) but today there was another eagle that showed up and this clearly gets the attention of the bald eagle. Take a look at the video below and letContinue reading “Eagle sightings and a territory battle”

Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping

Hello there! I’ve been camping near my home base (Tallahassee) the past couple of months and hope to widen my radius as the year goes on. To find out more about the adventures I’ve been on so far, click on Camping Stories. Along the way I take photos of things that interest me whether it’sContinue reading “Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping”

Osprey bird photos

I should’ve taken photos of the muddy ocean water I had to sludge through — well, I was about to brag but I didn’t *have* to walk through the slimy mushy ocean bottom but I’m just stubborn enough to not say no. Gosh, that sounds like a humble brag, doesn’t it? Let’s just say IContinue reading “Osprey bird photos”

Pictures of Birds Before and After – Pick Your Favorite!

I’ve put together 5 pairs of images I’ve edited in the recent past. All birds. Nothing but birds. Why birds? Well, I have come to love them and you should, too. Such diversity, and quite sassy if I may say so myself. Attacks aside, let me know which of the before and after photos youContinue reading “Pictures of Birds Before and After – Pick Your Favorite!”

Cardinal nest final update…

The cardinals chicks (hatchlings? babies?), whatever they’re called, you can also call them gone! I checked the nest a few days ago to snap what became the final pictures… I wasn’t going to check anymore because the mom and dad were starting to hover (like these robins did) and so I didn’t want to disturbContinue reading “Cardinal nest final update…”