A Few Photos of Fresh Flowers

These are photos from the last year and a half from camping and adventuring around the southeast United States. Flowers, though small, are bursting with beauty so I hope these photos captured at least a fraction of that! Thanks for checking out my photos today… -Out of the Wilderness

Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping

Hello there! I’ve been camping near my home base (Tallahassee) the past couple of months and hope to widen my radius as the year goes on. To find out more about the adventures I’ve been on so far, click on Camping Stories. Along the way I take photos of things that interest me whether it’sContinue reading “Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping”

Lizard Skynyrd

I was wandering around outside my parents house yesterday and noticed a little green lizard perched in a watering can. Of course I didn’t have my camera ready but grabbed it quickly hoping he would hang around for another minute so I could snap his portrait. Lucky me! Here he is along with a fewContinue reading “Lizard Skynyrd”