Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping

Hello there! I’ve been camping near my home base (Tallahassee) the past couple of months and hope to widen my radius as the year goes on. To find out more about the adventures I’ve been on so far, click on Camping Stories. Along the way I take photos of things that interest me whether it’sContinue reading “Birds, foxes, clouds, and stars – recent pictures from camping”

Birds of Paradise – a few pictures from the Florida Gulf Coast

I loved seeing all this wildlife on the gulf coast of Florida last week. Below are 7 birds I was able to photograph, labeled with what kind they are. Some let me get kind of close but thanks to my Sony 350mm zoom lens, it looks like I’m a lot closer than I am… exceptContinue reading “Birds of Paradise – a few pictures from the Florida Gulf Coast”

I don’t always wake up early, but when I do…

…it better be for a good reason! For the past couple of mornings I decided to wake up to take photos. One morning was a sunrise. The next, I couldn’t see the sun at all because of the fog. Crazy how different the photos are, and what I was interested in each morning. The morningContinue reading “I don’t always wake up early, but when I do…”

Photos of An Abandoned Church Building

I have passed this church a handful of times on the way to visit family in Florida. It’s located near the Florida / Alabama border and recently I took the time to stop and snap a few photos. Check out this Google streetview for the spooky area where this church is located. (ps. find aContinue reading “Photos of An Abandoned Church Building”

Reflections of the upside down

I was walking around a small lake with one of my nieces and even with a slight breeze, the reflection coming off the water was like a mirror. Check out a few photos below. Can you tell which way is right side up? The truth is: there ALL upside down. Did you make all theContinue reading “Reflections of the upside down”