American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?

Season 21 has wrapped up with two of my top three battling for the title of this season’s American Idol, and the winner shouldn’t surprise you. This contestant was an early favorite and his popularity never tapered off. It’s Iam Tongi! (as if you didn’t already know 🙃) Megan Danielle ended up getting second place.Continue reading “American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?”

Major Cuts Coming on American Idol

Besides contestants who sent themselves home before we even got a chance to vote them out (I’m looking at you Kaya Stewart, who totally left Fire hanging, and the mysterious 26th contestant who left, making room for Paige Anne), last week was our first chance to vote for the 26 singers on American Idol. ThereContinue reading “Major Cuts Coming on American Idol”

American Idol has 24 or 26 in Hawaii?

American Idol airs tonight, the first episode from Hawaii and just like last week, I’m pumped. But there is a little bit of confusion about how many contestants are actually there. Of course, the original plan (because American Idol rules matter?) was to have 24 singers. But if you kept track last week as theContinue reading “American Idol has 24 or 26 in Hawaii?”

American Idol – Fire is gone, or is she!?

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog today. I post every day at 1pm central and since American Idol has included really talented singers this season, I can’t help but write about some of the episodes. Even judge Katy Perry is growing on me even though she and I would probably agree on 3Continue reading “American Idol – Fire is gone, or is she!?”

Cranked Up for American Idol Showstopper Rounds

I’m sitting in my camper watching “The Kominsky Method” but waiting for a new episode of “American Idol.” Tonight starts the Showstopper stage of the show. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I’m also not looking it up on purpose. I’m hoping Ryan Seacrest or the judges will explain it, unlike the introductionContinue reading “Cranked Up for American Idol Showstopper Rounds”