American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?

Season 21 has wrapped up with two of my top three battling for the title of this season’s American Idol, and the winner shouldn’t surprise you. This contestant was an early favorite and his popularity never tapered off. It’s Iam Tongi! (as if you didn’t already know πŸ™ƒ)

Megan Danielle ended up getting second place. I was hoping Zachariah Smith would win but somewhere about halfway through the live rounds he plateaued, maybe just not the best song choices. I started missing his spunk and his funk and my hopes sunk. Here’s a little bit of that funk in his finale performance with Dana Carvey.

ABC was milking the cow for all it was worth, making the show go on…and on… and on… for THREE HOURS! I think Zachariah adopted another kid in that span of time. Nutsa went to Georgia and back in that span of time. Oliver grew out his hair and shaved it again in that span of time. It was too long, ABC! You did us dirty, especially with performances we never knew we never wanted (see: two Pitbull songs). The whole show could’ve easily been done in an hour, but even two would’ve been understandable.

Other than the finale going way too long, I enjoyed the season a lot. From the introduction of Fire to the very last vote totals, it was a great season full of amazing talent… and that’s in spite of Katy Perry sometimes making a fool of herself without even knowing it.

-Out of the Wilderness


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