American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?

Season 21 has wrapped up with two of my top three battling for the title of this season’s American Idol, and the winner shouldn’t surprise you. This contestant was an early favorite and his popularity never tapered off. It’s Iam Tongi! (as if you didn’t already know 🙃) Megan Danielle ended up getting second place.Continue reading “American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?”

12 songs for AFTER you get laid off or fired

Last year, I was hanging out with some friends who’d recently been laid off and since. We were in an environment where putting together a Spotify playlist was appropriate, so created a “recently laid off playlist” and played it loud. This is not the first list I’ve made about the dreaded pink slip, but thisContinue reading “12 songs for AFTER you get laid off or fired”

Some of my favorite clever song lyrics

I remember a few years ago when I first heard REO Speedwagon’s “Roll With the Changes,” I thought to myself, “Are they still coming out with new songs? I love this one.” I was completely wrong. It’s not that they aren’t touring together, because they are, but the song is from 1978! I couldn’t believeContinue reading “Some of my favorite clever song lyrics”

Follow My Head or My Heart

Saturday was one of those open the windows turn on the record kind of days, so that’s exactly what I did. My roommate, who will always remain nameless (especially when discussing The Bachelor or The Bachelorette), and I listened to a few albums, including Hi Infidelity from REO Speedwagon. The record has great songs onContinue reading “Follow My Head or My Heart”

My Shower Playlist

Between the bathrobe and the fanny pack is the all important shower. The few minutes I spend there are often accompanied by music. A soundtrack to my shower, if you will. Here’s the current playlist: “All 4 Love” Color Me Badd A classic song from the early 90’s. For a entertaining performance of this songContinue reading “My Shower Playlist”