Chris Janson’s tattoos

Chris Janson has made his mark on country music with hits like “Buy Me A Boat” and “Fix A Drink,” but the singer/songwriter also has a bit of country marked on him. The Missouri-native has a tattoo of the 24th state admitted to the union, Missouri, tattooed on the inside of his left arm. Georgia, as corrected in the comments below. Take a look.


Here are a few of his other tattoos. Photo credits are in the captions. Also check out Nathaniel Rateliff’s tattoos here.


The tattoo on the inside of his right arm says, “He who has the Son has life.” Confirmed in his interview here.

And finally, here are screen shots from his music videos, all via his YouTube channel.


Who’s the dude in Ingrid Andress “More Hearts Than Mine” music video… and more info!

-Out of the Wilderness



Wacky Wednesday: The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect

I’m determined to learn how to do the cup song routine this summer. I feel like a middle school girl, but hey, I bet I’d be one of the cool ones for, ya know, knowing how to do this:

My Thoughts On A Ben Rector Show

Recently caught a Ben Rector show in Nashville and was looking forward to it, moreso than I have looked forward to any show lately. I first came to know Ben through a friend’s video post on Facebook.

So the more I discovered, the more I liked. I even had the opportunity to use one of his songs in a wedding video.

This was one of my favorite videos to make because the song lent itself to nice editing and imagery. I love how it turned out, but anyway, back to the concert.

The opener started about 830pm and Ben came on stage around 930pm. Very good show. He’s good at milking the audience’s enthusiasm. I noticed every 15 minutes or so, he’d simply say, “Nashville,” and the crowd went wild. I’m assuming bands do this at every city, and every city goes wild. He was funny, too. His lyrics have some depth but at the same time, they’re playful and catchy. So imagine my surprise when my thoughts wandered to what I would have done had I found myself in either World Trade Center building on September 11th, 2001. More specifically, would I have jumped like some people did? Was it really so bad that the better choice was to fall a hundred stories to certain death? If I reached the point where I accepted that life was over, I would hope to say, “To heck with it, I’m going up!” and try climbing stairs to the roof. Anything that gives me better odds than jumping. Ben was still playing and then I thought, “Everyone should have wings at their desk.” That way, if you were in a situation where you had to jump from a building, you could glide safely to the ground. Portable wings. Fold-out wings. Blow-up wings. Wings for the American people. Could be the next big thing, right? My mind wandered.

I’m also a loud clapper so I practiced clapping less loud.

So in summary, it was a good concert. I was hoping to be more connected to the music, to really feel it. But part of my disappointment was a guy standing 6’6” tall directly in front of me who was unwilling to move a little bit, and a date that was less than spectacular. Ah well, life is still good!

-Out of the Wilderness

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J “Accidental Racist”

The song recently released is called “Accidental Racist,” and it features LL Cool J rapping on a Brad Paisley song. The best way I can think to describe it is imagine a junior high kid in the basement recording songs off the radio with his dual cassette deck stereo he got for Christmas. On a rainy day when he had nothing better to do, he thought, “I wonder what it would sound like to combine two songs?” So he found an old tape of a rapper from the early 90s and the most opposite song he could find on another tape. Working through the night, he spliced the rap into a slow country song and this will be the moment he’ll look back on years from now and know he’s better at selling insurance than making music. He’ll go on to have a successful career, he’ll marry a girl he met in college, have a couple of kids, and take them to soccer games on Saturday morning. No house in the neighborhood holds a candle to the Christmas decorations he sets up every year. Not only that, he’s a monster when it comes to fine washables, which his wife appreciates. Every now and then he wonders what could have been if he’d spent more time in the basement that summer. “Who knows,” he thinks, “I could’ve been like the white version of Eminem.” Then one Saturday after his oldest daughter lost 3-1 to the soccer team from one county over, the Taney Tornadoes, he stopped by Publix to pick up some tea.

Relationships As Found In Music

Relationships. All of us have been through up’s and down’s, I’m sure. Do you relate to any of these songs?

I”ve been here…


And I’ve also been here…

Of course, I’m often here…


Bitterness has brought me here…


And here…


I’ve also been here…


And here…


Most of the time, I end up here…


And here…


And I hope to, one day, be here…




And here…


Anyway, have a great weekend!

I’ll See You When I Fall Asleep

Yes, that’s the last line from the bridge of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, one of my favorite songs right now. Is it just me or are there a ton of songs on radio lately that feature guy/girl duo’s or duets? A quick look at iTunes and the top listing is “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink featuring Nate Ruess (from Fun.) and I work in country music so I notice bands like Thompson Square, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, and from Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott has been featured as a duet partner on a few pop songs lately, too. But more what I’m getting at is the back and forth type of song, the guy sings a line, the girl sings a line, on and on. The first one I remember hearing and still listen to when it plays on my iPod, “I Got A Man” by Positive K (which is a whole other story in itself because the rapper Positive K, a guy, also did the female voice on the song, crazy right?). The biggest hit over the last year or so was Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” which featured Kimbra for the female verses. But anyway, this isn’t about coed duets, it’s about a dream I had a few days ago.

ronald reaganI was outside and Ronald Reagan was there. American flags were flying all around. I was balling my eyes out in the dream. When I woke up, my eyes were full of tears. It was weird. I wish in my little talks with God he would just give me a reason why dreams like this happen. Because Ronald Reagan isn’t even somebody that I used to know, but when asked who or what was in my dream, I’d have to say… I got a man!

Record Album Covers: Who Approved These??

Thanks for checking out these embarrassingly awesome record covers.

First up, these folks giving us the sounds of fresh water… in stereo!! What are the guitars for?

Next up, this guy. Bonus! A personal message and an autograph. 2

I bet you wish you could have Melanie perform at your birthday party. Darn you, Margie!3 3b

Carol Hensel was “fit” before Wii was. 4