The racist and sexist remarks Pres. Trump has said

I’ve gone ahead and put together a list of all the sexist and racist things U.S. President Donald Trump has spoken since he’s been president. So with these lists, it should help you save time in looking them up for yourself. Enjoy!

Racist comments from President Donald Trump

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Sexist comments from Donald Trump

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-Out of the Wilderness

The confederate flag and what changed my mind

When the issue of the confederate flag recently came back in the spotlight, I was on the side of those defending the freedom to fly it. It’s a part of U.S. history that shouldn’t be forgotten (but not because it’s anything to be proud of when it comes to race relations). There is so much more to “The South” than slavery and racism and all the stuff we hear in the news about what the flag may or may not represent.

On a trip from Tennessee to Missouri I saw these 2 trucks and snapped a few pictures. DSC09259 DSC09260 DSC09311 DSC09312With plenty of time in the car I tried to put myself in the place of those asking for the flag’s removal, mostly black people as far as I know. And it worked. The scenario I imagined was my nieces living in a city where they were mistreated for decades. Over time, most people there were awakened to what equality is, treating others as they’d want to be treated, and realizing they were wrong about my nieces being less than them. So this city had a flag and even after the renewed respect in the city, some still flew the flag representing the outdated actions of the city’s inhabitants. My blood boiled and then I understood. To my nieces, this flag is a reminder of their mistreatment.

In America, it’s not about north or south (both sides had slaves). It’s not even about preserving history (although if we forget it, we’ll repeat it). It’s about people.

The conclusion to my hypothetical scenario and the real-life conflict we’re in today is this: People are more important than things. People are more important than flags. If it comes down to respecting your neighbor, try to understand where they’re coming from and make the choice that elevates the person above tradition.

-Out of the Wilderness

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J “Accidental Racist”

The song recently released is called “Accidental Racist,” and it features LL Cool J rapping on a Brad Paisley song. The best way I can think to describe it is imagine a junior high kid in the basement recording songs off the radio with his dual cassette deck stereo he got for Christmas. On a rainy day when he had nothing better to do, he thought, “I wonder what it would sound like to combine two songs?” So he found an old tape of a rapper from the early 90s and the most opposite song he could find on another tape. Working through the night, he spliced the rap into a slow country song and this will be the moment he’ll look back on years from now and know he’s better at selling insurance than making music. He’ll go on to have a successful career, he’ll marry a girl he met in college, have a couple of kids, and take them to soccer games on Saturday morning. No house in the neighborhood holds a candle to the Christmas decorations he sets up every year. Not only that, he’s a monster when it comes to fine washables, which his wife appreciates. Every now and then he wonders what could have been if he’d spent more time in the basement that summer. “Who knows,” he thinks, “I could’ve been like the white version of Eminem.” Then one Saturday after his oldest daughter lost 3-1 to the soccer team from one county over, the Taney Tornadoes, he stopped by Publix to pick up some tea.