Wildlife and more at Radnor Lake – Nashville, TN

An early start to a random weekday here in Nashville, and I’m so glad I made my way over to Radnor Lake. It’s an area where pets have to be leashed, and those pets aren’t allowed on trails (they ARE allowed on paved walkways). Nashvillians love this area for it’s peacefulness, and I kind ofContinue reading “Wildlife and more at Radnor Lake – Nashville, TN”

What a difference a week makes, snow vs. no snow

Last week here in Nashville we had one of the biggest snows in the past 10 years. I walked around to take some photos (because I sure as heck wasn’t going to drive around!). Below are a few pictures during the frigid weather, and then the same areas 8 days later. What a difference aContinue reading “What a difference a week makes, snow vs. no snow”

Bird, You Weren’t Made to Walk

I wonder if this bird ever thinks, “This kinda stinks, I can’t even walk.” Then from somewhere a voice says, “Bird, you weren’t made to walk.” I really wanted to write about how I’ve had friends who only think of the disadvantages in their life but, just to be honest, most of my friends areContinue reading “Bird, You Weren’t Made to Walk”

Winter storm status updates – Nashville

Most of the mid west and southeast, excluding south Florida (you punks!), has endured some cold and/or icy and/or snowy and/or rainy weather the last few days. Instead of typing about it all, I decided to give you an update through the magic of video. Take a look at the 4 updates below to knowContinue reading “Winter storm status updates – Nashville”

More about “Cold Beer Calling My Name” Jameson Rodgers – locations, ball caps, and more!

Acclaimed country songwriter and upcoming singer/performer Jameson Rodgers stars in the music video for his latest song, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” and he welcomes Luke Combs as his co-star. Check it out then scroll down for more info about this dynamic duo’s video… The video was directed… by Dustin Haney and as you canContinue reading “More about “Cold Beer Calling My Name” Jameson Rodgers – locations, ball caps, and more!”