A Nashville Collage of Images

I was putting together a collage of images for a friend recently and at first I didn’t really have a theme or direction. There was a great reason to celebrate him so I thought why not use Nashville as the theme? It’s where he and I met and the city has been a big partContinue reading “A Nashville Collage of Images”

Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!

Subaru’s established themselves as the #1 dog-loving car company. I’ve written about them before with their “Underdog” commercial and now they’re back with a special needs shelter dog ad. It’s ok to have happy tears with this one. Are there any animals as amazing as dogs? I mean, gosh, this commercial shows great examples ofContinue reading “Subaru Shelter Dog Commercial – The Dogs, the Music, and More!”

Two hounds from Tennessee

My two dogs were born and raised in Tennessee. And since I sold my house in Nashville, their birthplace is just about the only thing they have tying them to volunteer state. So much has changed for them, including a new home, new beds, a new car to ride around in, new yards, new placesContinue reading “Two hounds from Tennessee”

Ladybugs are awfully prude these days

When I recently posted that I hadn’t had any dates with the ladies lately, I didn’t suspect I’d be swarmed a few days later with oodles of ladies. Ladybugs, that is! It was basically out of nowhere but come to find out this is the season for them… I guess? I don’t remember having anContinue reading “Ladybugs are awfully prude these days”

I haven’t had a date in…

I left Nashville almost 2 months ago. Since arriving in Florida most of my time has been spent with my family (parents, siblings, nieces, etc). Family was the driving force for the move south so being with them a lot is going according to that plan. But all this time spent with them doesn’t leaveContinue reading “I haven’t had a date in…”