The New NF video for “Motto” is a fun red carpet ride!

Just 21 days ago NF released the video for “Hope,” and I watched it over and over, then wrote about it. Now he’s already back with another video for another song off the same album (which is yet to be released). This song is called “Motto” and the video is very entertaining. Take a lookContinue reading “The New NF video for “Motto” is a fun red carpet ride!”

Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular

On the eve of a big Friday for Morgan Wallen – a new album being released tomorrow AND a recently announced free concert in Nashville, yes it’s free – the country singer probably can’t help but look back at the wild couple of years it’s been since he was in the news for something otherContinue reading “Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular”

An aging beagle and how to reinvent our relationship

When you read posts from dog owners, most would say having a dog is the highlight of their life. I’ve posted a lot about my dogs over the years (“Life with Dogs” blogs here) and we’ve had such fun moments in the last 13 years! They are definitely part of fun moments in the lastContinue reading “An aging beagle and how to reinvent our relationship”

A year ago today

It’s hard for me to believe I moved out of Nashville over a year ago. The weirdest thing is that I have dreams about the house I lived in there. In the dreams, I’m in the house for an overnight stay but the new homeowners show up and I feel weird that I’m in theirContinue reading “A year ago today”

A Nashville Collage of Images

I was putting together a collage of images for a friend recently and at first I didn’t really have a theme or direction. There was a great reason to celebrate him so I thought why not use Nashville as the theme? It’s where he and I met and the city has been a big partContinue reading “A Nashville Collage of Images”