flowers, flyers, and a ferocious beagle

Breaking news: I have new guests in my backyard. The first picture here is a flower that I had no idea was even part of the makeup of my yard! A tiny bit of the backstory is that this area actually had a tree in it not too long ago till a storm blew it down. Now, I guess there’s room for things like this to show up? It looks like some kind of hibiscus… with a few visitors of its own.


Next up is a moth/butterfly creature that is beautiful. The problem with these guys is that they rarely stay anywhere long enough to get a good photograph but I’m very thankful to get this shot.


So far these things have been pretty, right? Then we get to this guy.


While I wouldn’t call a cicada “pretty” by the standard definition, they’re very fascinating to look at (when they aren’t haphazardly flying towards your face!). Kind of like this insect… pretty in it’s own freaky way. I would’ve had more pictures of the cicada, certainly the blurry photo isn’t the best, or wouldn’t have been the one I chose… but…. I only got one photo before… how do I say this delicately…. well…. let’s just say I’m the only vegan in my house and I’ll let you decide what that means.


Good day to ya!

-Out of the Wilderness

Beagle only gets up for food

Piper the dog is quite the character. She is the most adorably stubborn beagle and if you know anything about beagles, you know they are food-driven. Check out how she reacts pretty much every time I say “let’s eat!”

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-Out of the Wilderness

How many dogs in the history of pup-kind have eaten one of these?

It’s kind of like that one song you’ve heard with a word you’d never expect to hear in the lyrics. Like “spool”… how many songs have ever included the word “spool”? I can tell you there’s probably only one…

That’s right. Just like there’s probably only one song with “spool” in the lyrics, there’s probably only one dog that’s ever eaten…

a sea horse!

pictured is the sea horse who is no more, in his last sea-lfie

Yep, I hate to say it, but my 10-year-old beagle was feeling a bit horse the other day. Was she sick? No, no… she’s fine. But she ate Sea-biscuit!!! Yes, you read that right. I was at a beach on the gulf coast of Florida and randomly found a sea horse who had apparently passed away recently. He was floating in the shallow waters and wow, what a moment! I’ve only seen a sea horse in the wild once in my life, and now twice. I reverently picked it up and stored it for the trip back to the house so I could show the rest of the family.

A few folks got to see it before the pup-petrator commited– *ahem* ALLEGEDLY commited– the crime. I had set Sea-marty Jones in a spot where he would dry out, safely away from most activity around the house. A few hours later, Snack Beauty was gone! A potential witness stepped forward with some information, very incriminating information, about one of the dogs who shall not be named, but who is known for eating anything that is close to being edible. The witness said he saw this dog near the area of Sea-cretariat.

So we don’t have hard evidence to lock the canine up, but we know her well enough to know with 99% certainty she had a salty snack that day! Plus, that very afternoon when a squirrel ran by, I could swear I heard a neigh where a howl should’ve been 🙂

looking awfully pupspicious

So long, BuSEAphalus…

-Out of the Wilderness