My dog ran way… one of the highlights of the Christmas season

I know what you’re thinking: he CANNOT be serious with this post title! Maybe he’s being sarcastic? Well, you are kind of right and kind of wrong. The story goes that once every blue moon — day — my beagle finds a way to escape. Especially when I visit family in Florida. You see, atContinue reading “My dog ran way… one of the highlights of the Christmas season”

flowers, flyers, and a ferocious beagle

Breaking news: I have new guests in my backyard. The first picture here is a flower that I had no idea was even part of the makeup of my yard! A tiny bit of the backstory is that this area actually had a tree in it not too long ago till a storm blew itContinue reading “flowers, flyers, and a ferocious beagle”

Eye nose what you did last summer

I nose it’s not summer yet, but here in Nashville it’s warmed up (finally!) so the dogs and I have been outside a lot. Here are a few pics of the pups and their adorable eyes and noses. You know what they say about beagles, right? A beagle’s nose never has a day off. ThanksContinue reading “Eye nose what you did last summer”