“Trust must be earned” – a story about a mischievous beagle!

I’ve had a beagle for nearly 12 years and without exaggeration I can say… she hasn’t quite earned my trust yet! I mean, look at that death stare in the featured photo (Piper the beagle is on the right). She is definitely thinking about mischievous things. She is adorable, has the cutest face, the mostContinue reading ““Trust must be earned” – a story about a mischievous beagle!”

Rabbit Recon

For most of my life I’ve loved rabbits. Thanks to my awesome parents, our family even had two rabbits as pets kept in an outdoor pen when I was in middle school. Actually now that I type it out, how ironic that we also had a pet beagle, the one breed that loves chasing rabbitsContinue reading “Rabbit Recon”

Funny photos from 2021

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve taken this year that might be a little mind-boggling, but hopefully at the very least they’re worth a chuckle. Have a great week! Whatever this person offers, it better be special and I WANT IT. The following two pictures… exactly how does “take this cash that aContinue reading “Funny photos from 2021”

My dog ran way… one of the highlights of the Christmas season

I know what you’re thinking: he CANNOT be serious with this post title! Maybe he’s being sarcastic? Well, you are kind of right and kind of wrong. The story goes that once every blue moon — day — my beagle finds a way to escape. Especially when I visit family in Florida. You see, atContinue reading “My dog ran way… one of the highlights of the Christmas season”