Falling in Love: Part 2

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on that post for a while. It’s the most transparent I’ve been, well, the most personal. I love writing in a way that makes you laugh, that makes me laugh, but that one, obviously, is different. I sincerely hope you look at me with compassion, without much judgement, and continue hangingContinue reading “Falling in Love: Part 2”

Naked Parties in Las Vegas

I recently did something I’ve never done before, and no it’s not going to a naked party in Vegas. I finished reading a book in 5 days. And! it was 352 pages long. Not an easy task for me, that’s for sure. The book is called “Love Is A Canoe.” It was an enjoyable read that keptContinue reading “Naked Parties in Las Vegas”

Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Chris L.’s Birthday.

In episode 4 of The Bachelorette, Ali took Chris L. out his birthday, giving him the second one-on-one of this episode. Based on some amatuer research, I believe Chris L.’s birthday is March 26. Here’s a recap of episode 4.