If it’s COVID, Paxlovid – A Real Commercial That’s Not Satire

Hi there! I write daily about different things in my personal life (being ghosted, up close with wild bison, living with a sassy beagle) but also public happenings through original satire, or info about the Anne Heche car crash, and, of course, popular commercials. I’ve been seeing this Pfizer COVID ad recently so thought I’dContinue reading “If it’s COVID, Paxlovid – A Real Commercial That’s Not Satire”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Ads – The Music and More!

It’s March Madness and Dick’s Sporting Goods is playing into the emotions of the wonderful wide world of sports in their latest ads called “Sports Change Lives.” Take a look at one commercial then scroll down for more info… The Music. This was a great choice of song because it doesn’t distract from the visualsContinue reading “Dick’s Sporting Goods Ads – The Music and More!”

These disappointing Super Bowl commercials…

To be perfectly honest, it seems like every year the highly-anticipated commercials become less and less exciting to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there are always a few that are ‘Super Bowl worthy’ but for the most part in the last decade or more the game ends and I wonder, “What happened to the commercials!?”Continue reading “These disappointing Super Bowl commercials…”

He Gets Us – The Commercials and More

By now you’ve probably seen the Jesus commercials on TV or streaming. The official campaign, “He Gets Us,” has an entire portfolio of ads but here’s one of their more recent ones to give you an idea of what they’re about. The people behind these ads go by the same name, “Het Gets Us,” aContinue reading “He Gets Us – The Commercials and More”

The Uber Diddy Jingle Commercial – The Music, and More!

Diddy is back and makes it clear he’s Diddy… but Diddy is not about the ditty, no diggity, or jingles as they call it in the commercial, he just makes hits. Take a look then scroll down for who these ONE-hit-wonders are advertising for Uber ONE… Recreating these recognizable songs with new Uber lyrics isContinue reading “The Uber Diddy Jingle Commercial – The Music, and More!”