Mother’s Day Commercials and Music

We’d be nothing without our mothers. They love, nurture, teach, comfort, discipline, guard. On this Mother’s Day, here’s a celebration of moms as seen in sweet and/or funny TV commercials. Click on the title for more info on each ad. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Publix Red Velvet Mother’s Surprise. A husband sweetly prepares a mealContinue reading “Mother’s Day Commercials and Music”

Publix Mother’s Day Commercial – The Actors and More!

Well-known for their sweet commercials, Publix has another one out now celebrating Mother’s Day. I’ve already discovered the muffin recipe (big reveal here) but now it’s time to list the actors in the commercial… There are three adult actors in the ad, each of whom you may recognize. The first one to appear is aContinue reading “Publix Mother’s Day Commercial – The Actors and More!”

Publix Mother’s Day Commercial – Red Velvet Muffin Recipe Found!

I’m going to start this post off with a serious question. Has there ever been a Publix commercial that failed to tug at your heart strings? Like, it totally misses the mark and makes you think, “Well, that was a huge fail!” If so, let me know in the comments below. I can think ofContinue reading “Publix Mother’s Day Commercial – Red Velvet Muffin Recipe Found!”

The AT&T Christmas Commercial – The Song, the Singer, and More!

Just when you think the best holiday commercial has already aired this season (Amazon is was the best with their snow globe ad), another one comes along and becomes the glittery star at the top of the Christmas tree. Enter AT&T. Take a look at their ad featuring everyday heroes then scroll down for moreContinue reading “The AT&T Christmas Commercial – The Song, the Singer, and More!”

Top Christmas Commercials

Now…. NOW it’s perfectly fine to share Christmas commercials. Thanksgiving has come and gone so it’s time to air those Christmas ads, sell Christmas decor in the stores, turn on Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole! I can’t wait for the lights, the holiday commercials, the holi—– wait, what’s that!? You’ve already seen Christmas stuffContinue reading “Top Christmas Commercials”