Publix’s Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!

At this point, can we all just admit Publix knows how to make commercials that pull every single heart string? They do it time and time again, like this one, that might be the cutest ad I’ve ever seen. Then they created original music for this Thanksgiving ad, it’s a beautiful song called “I RememberContinue reading “Publix’s Christmas Commercial – The Actress, The Snowman, and More!”

My Top 3 “Best Music in TV Commercials” List

We all have those commercials that just cut us right to the core. Sometimes it’s the product or how it’s presented (thinking about you Sara McLaughlin and those abandoned puppies commercials), but a lot of times it’s the integration of the perfect song into the ad that really hits home. With that in mind, hereContinue reading “My Top 3 “Best Music in TV Commercials” List”

Top 4 all-time favorite TV commercials

I was scrolling through my YouTube favorites the other day and came across a few commercials that I hadn’t seen in so long. Then I felt inspired to make a list of my top 3 favorite commercials. But I couldn’t narrow it down so here is the list of my favorite 4 commercials of all-time.Continue reading “Top 4 all-time favorite TV commercials”

Publix Thanksgiving Ad with Original Music “I Remember This”

Publix recently came out with a great ad featuring families spending time together and now they’re back with a heartwarming holiday ad, this time for Thanksgiving 2020 2021. They call it, “This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate every table.” Take a look… A little research revealed that it was filmed in the Atlanta area, using a fewContinue reading “Publix Thanksgiving Ad with Original Music “I Remember This””

Publix ad featuring Ro Malone “Home” is simply adorable!

Adorable. Cute. Warm. Charming. Memorable. These are all words to describe Publix’s new minute-long ad featuring clips of families in all types of situations spending time together. The commercial is backed by the song “Home” by Ro Malone. Take a look:  There aren’t many commercials spanning a full minute but when one comes along, it’sContinue reading “Publix ad featuring Ro Malone “Home” is simply adorable!”