Ford Raptor Commercial – “All In” on Gay Pride

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I post every day at 1pm central so take a sec to sign up for email reminders. I write about all kinds of things from dating, camping, roller skating, and commercials like today’s post. For some reason Ford thought it would be a good idea to release someContinue reading “Ford Raptor Commercial – “All In” on Gay Pride”

Chevy EV Commercial – The Music

Chevrolet has a new commercial featuring their lineup of electric vehicles. Check it out then scroll down for info on the music… The vehicles shown are the Volt, Blazer, Equinox, and Silverado. Unfortunately, the tiny fine print at the bottom of the ad reads: “Pre-production products shown throughout. Actual production models will vary. Silverado EVContinue reading “Chevy EV Commercial – The Music”

Chevrolet’s Snowy Cat Commercial – The Music and the Actor

Hello there and welcome! You came here to find out more about the recent Chevrolet ad featuring Walter the cat, huh? Well, this is Walter’s follow up to this ad. He’s a fascinating cat. Here’s the commercial… The Music. Creators must’ve been feline fine with the first Chevy Cat ad because they used the sameContinue reading “Chevrolet’s Snowy Cat Commercial – The Music and the Actor”

Chevy’s Funny Cat Commercial – The Music, The Blowfish, and More!

During the Olympics coverage recently I saw a great Chevy advertisement. It wasn’t so much the Sliverado that made it great, it was man’s best friend that took gold in this ad. *For the new Silverado Trail Boss ad featuring Walter the cat, click here* Wait, a cat is man’s best friend!? That’s up forContinue reading “Chevy’s Funny Cat Commercial – The Music, The Blowfish, and More!”

Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee

I caught a couple of instances on my dash cam I thought were worth sharing. First up is a limousine from a brand I hadn’t seen before. It’s a real showstopper. In fact, when I saw it, I literally stopped my car. Well, I was at a red light, so there was that, too. ButContinue reading “Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee”