Unexpected college football game

Part of my Thanksgiving holiday celebration included going to a college football game. It wasn’t part of the original plan but it turned out to be quite fun! The game itself was entertaining but a lot of things happened that were fun, not even including the actual game… like the band, the excitement of theContinue reading “Unexpected college football game”

FSU vs. Duquesne football, no one is talking about the visiting team’s benches.

From great seats at the Florida State football game in Tallahassee yesterday afternoon, I noticed something that just didn’t seem quite right. We were sitting on the FSU “Alumni” side so we were facing towards the visiting team, the Duquesne Dukes. Check out this photo and see if anything looks a little weird to you.Continue reading “FSU vs. Duquesne football, no one is talking about the visiting team’s benches.”

Au revoir Norvell

As some of you know, I write “frustration posts” about Florida State because deep down I am still upset at the direction the university went back in the mid-2010s after the football team won the national championship. I will *try* not to spiral into what upset me back then, but because my family still lovesContinue reading “Au revoir Norvell”

Bobby Bowden – “Rest well, Coach,” my thoughts on the coach we all loved.

A week ago today the legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden passed away. My connection to him is that he was coaching at Florida State University at the same time I was a student there, 1997-2001. Another interesting fact, up to that point in my life, he had coached FSU for all the years IContinue reading “Bobby Bowden – “Rest well, Coach,” my thoughts on the coach we all loved.”

People need Tim Tebow to fail

I’ve written about Tim Tebow before in a post titled, “Why I like Tim Tebow and the Little Drummer Boy,” and here I am writing about the gator again. When I was in college, the college I attended had a football team always ranked in the top 5. It was Florida State. Then for aContinue reading “People need Tim Tebow to fail”