Nashville to Graceland, part 6

This post wraps up the hunk ‘o love weekend I had with my family. It was a great time, with memories that will last a lifetime! After we finished our tour of Graceland, we returned to Nashville for a couple days of hanging out. On Sunday, we all went to church and then my family started their trip back to Florida. Check out the photos below, and again, thanks for stopping by!


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Nashville to Graceland, part 5

When you visit Graceland and think all you’ll see is the mansion and a few other things, you’re in for a real surprise! Across the street is the Elvis Museum, and it’s incredible! Cars, jumpsuits, records, sheet music, and so much more. Check out photos from the museum, and if you’ve been there, chime in below with your favorite memories! Also check out photos from my guest appearance on the Elvis Quiz Show, broadcasting from the SiriusXM studio, Elvis channel 19.

Elvis having a record amount of fun…


A couple watches a video about Elvis…


My parents…


Hound Dog…


My sister…


My dad helping with some of the questions on the Elvis Quiz Show…


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Nashville to Graceland, part 4

“When you left you know you told me
That some day you’d be returnin’
In a fancy car, all the town to see…”
(Long Black Limousine – Elvis Presley)

I knew Elvis had a few cars, but this was way more than I expected! Check out the cars, boats, and motorcycles stored in the Elvis museum, which is across the street from the Graceland mansion… (then come back to check out part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my Graceland experience)


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Nashville to Graceland, part 2

“I came home with good intentions,
About 5 or 6 years ago…”
(Stranger in My Own Home Town – Elvis Presley)

This post might have the most pictures because, well, it’s the mansion!


Our audio tour was set up for 1030am, Elvis time. We arrived around 915am so that gave us time to check out the museum across the street before the tour started. A future post will include so much of what there was to see in the museum, but today, it’s the home of Elvis – the Graceland mansion.

Check out the photos below and chime in with which of the rooms is your favorite.

iPads for each visitor, with audio tour narrated by John Stamos…


My sister Shannon and I…


The various rooms in the mansion…


Narrow descending stairwell to the pool room and TV room in the Graceland mansion…


Shag carpet on the wall…


My awesome father checking out some of Elvis’ things…


Tomorrow’s post will have photos of where Elvis and his family were laid to rest, just off to the left of the pool in the photo above.

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Nashville to Graceland, part 1

“Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old things they are not forgotten
Look away, look away, look away Dixieland…”
(An American Trilogy – Elvis Presley)

Yes, the series of upcoming posts is about a family trip to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the famed home of the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, but it begins at my home. Well, actually it begins in Tallahassee, Florida because that’s where part of my family departed  when they saddled up to head north to Nashville, Tennessee. I could write a lot, I really could, but to save you some time…. I’ll sum up their 9 hr trip by saying this: they left Tallahassee and next, they arrived in Nashville… much to my joy and excitement! That was Thursday. Early Friday morning we packed up and headed west to Memphis. Take a look at the first part of our trip in these pictures…

Morning fog over a river… IMG_20191018_072031

My dad, the Captain, driving us to Memphis (mom and sister in the back seats sleeping)…

Nearing Graceland…

Even closer to Graceland than we were in the last picture…

Entering the museum across the street from the Graceland mansion…

Welcome to Graceland!

Part of the intro video before shuttling over to the mansion… IMG_1913

Check back tomorrow for more from this spectacular family trip!
UDPATE: here’s part 2

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Favorite songs about Elvis and/or Graceland

To be totally honest, I don’t know but handful of songs directly about Elvis or Graceland. What are some of your favorites? I recently heard the Elton John song listed below, and Paul Simon’s is a classic. Comment below and I’ll add your suggestions to my Spotify playlists. Thanks fo stopping by!

Porch Swing in Tupelo – Elton John

Graceland – Paul Simon

From Galway to Graceland – The High Kings

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-Out of the Wilderness

Favorite Elvis Presley songs, besides the ones you already know

We all know the classic Elvis Presley songs: Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, etc, and those will top a lot of “favorite” lists out there, but I wanted to put together a list of my favorite lesser-known Elvis songs. For all the die-hard Elvis fans out there, don’t beat me up! I know these are still well-known songs, but as I’ve become more of a fan over the years, the list below has jumped out because I hadn’t heard them much before. Take a look and chime in below with a comment about what your favorites are. Thank ya, thank ya very much!

Favorites of Elvis Presley’s music, besides the ones you already know… 

Love Me – a beautiful appeal for someone you love, to love you back

Love Letters (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) – singing about letters received from a loved one, holding dear the words that were written. His voice on this one is incredible!

Crying in the Chapel – a song about faith, and finding comfort in the Lord, and in church

I Want To Be Free – earnestly yearning for faith in God to set us free, like a bird

Are You Lonesome Tonight (laughing) – I love how human this makes Elvis, and I can’t help but laugh along

Steamroller Blues – I once used this song as my adult league softball “walk up” song… it might just pump you up, too

I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms) – this is a sweet love song about being apart but wishing to be with the one you love

How the Web Was Woven – I loved the melody of this one

Without Love (There is Nothing) – Love is all we need, basically

Tiger Man – this is a fast one that gets my adrenaline going. It’s just a fun song.

Clean Up Your Own Backyard – Mind your own business is the message in this one… and but out of other folks’ stuff… it can still apply to society today, for sure.

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