The Best Tweets After Morgan Wallen Show Gets Cancelled

His popularity was sky high even after this, but now Morgan Wallen fans are crying while everyone else is tweeting. Here are a few of the best tweets reacting to Morgan Wallen cancelling his show last minute in Mississippi. -Out of the Wilderness

Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?

Morgan Wallen must’ve just set a Guinness World Record for the amount of songs released on an album (36 songs on “One Thing At A Time”) and he broke Spotify’s streaming record with millions of streams after the album was released. It’s probably safe to assume there’s a song for everyone on this album butContinue reading “Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?”

Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular

On the eve of a big Friday for Morgan Wallen – a new album being released tomorrow AND a recently announced free concert in Nashville, yes it’s free – the country singer probably can’t help but look back at the wild couple of years it’s been since he was in the news for something otherContinue reading “Morgan Wallen is Only Getting More Popular”

What has been cancel cultured so far… and what about Lou Reed, and Snow White?

Who knew 2021 would include the culture cancelling of so many things already? People and products are being cancelled at breakneck speed. Here are a few from 2021 already… (links take you to other posts I’ve written about each one) Marjorie Taylor Greene – U.S. Representative Gina Carano – actress Morgan Wallen – country singerContinue reading “What has been cancel cultured so far… and what about Lou Reed, and Snow White?”

More about Tom MacDonald: rapper, producer, ….pro wrestler?

There’s Norm Macdonald, Vance McDonald, Ronald McDonald, Jimmy McDonald*, and now welcome to the stage… Tom MacDonald! Don’t know who he is? OK, until yesterday I didn’t either. I was researching which artists in iTunes All-Songs Top 10 have used the N-word — the answer is 2 of the 4, for sure — Morgan WallenContinue reading “More about Tom MacDonald: rapper, producer, ….pro wrestler?”