“Smile” movie, left me frowning – no spoilers

I was excited enough about the movie Smile that I wrote about it a few weeks ago. After all, the trailer is great. A few days ago I purchased my ticket and got comfy in the great lounge chairs in the theater. The preview trailers before the feature presentation seemed to take too long andContinue reading ““Smile” movie, left me frowning – no spoilers”

This Dish Network Commercial Will Make You Cringe

Dish Network has a new ad promoting the “all in one” service including live TV and streaming apps in an easy to navigate system. The thing is, the commercial is so cringe! It’s either because everyone is smiling and laughing, the cheesy music, or the acting. The whole thing is cheesier than that Cheez-It whoContinue reading “This Dish Network Commercial Will Make You Cringe”

The Unforgettable Movie Trailer – Smile

The previews have all played and the lights come down for the feature presentation. You probably know the excitement of that moment, right? For the next hour or two, we’ll be immersed in a story that makes us feel happy, sad, excited, scared, angry, or confused (Inception, anyone?). I remember one of these occasions andContinue reading “The Unforgettable Movie Trailer – Smile”