“Smile” movie, left me frowning – no spoilers

I was excited enough about the movie Smile that I wrote about it a few weeks ago. After all, the trailer is great. A few days ago I purchased my ticket and got comfy in the great lounge chairs in the theater. The preview trailers before the feature presentation seemed to take too long and I normally like watching the previews. The lights dimmed and the movie started. I won’t give anything away regarding the plot. I had no idea it was a psychological thriller. That’s probably my least favorite genre.

It’s the kind of movie that will show a dramatic, horrific scene that you can hardly believe is happening, then the main character blinks (or wakes up) and everything was a dream or hallucination. I HAAAAAATE THAT. In my mind, this type of horror is a cop-out. It throws out the rules of horror. There were also predictable jump scares and by the end of the movie I found myself laughing when I should’ve been scared. The word “formula” comes to mind. Everything was formulaic.


I guess it’s worth watching if you’re into mind games and false realities. I was just hoping for more “real” thrills instead of the hallucination stuff. And I wanted more scary smiles. For a movie with that as a title, smiles were few and far between.

Have you seen this movie yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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