Airbnb Hosts Commercial – The Music from Rita Lee

AirBnB has a series of ads featuring photos of actual vacationers using an AirBnB. Here’s one on TV currently… The Music. Backing this ad is a song from Rita Lee called “In My Life.” Here’s the full track… This is actually a Beatles song from 1965. Here’s their version… Which version do you like better?Continue reading “Airbnb Hosts Commercial – The Music from Rita Lee”

Kohl’s Holiday Ad “From Me To You” – Part 2

I recently wrote about Kohl’s new holiday ad featuring a unique voice singing the soundtrack of the commercial. Here is the post… and now for the ad: As noted in my post, the singer is Ane Brun. Such a lovely voice with the qualities of Dolly Parton’s. Speaking of Dolly, is she America’s long-time sweetheartContinue reading “Kohl’s Holiday Ad “From Me To You” – Part 2″

Gap TV ad featuring “Come Together” by…

In a country that seems clearly divided, you might say the company Gap is trying to close the gap with their new series of ads featuring people of all colors and styles. Check out one of the ads here: The well-known song is “Come Together,” made famous by a band called The Beatles. It wasContinue reading “Gap TV ad featuring “Come Together” by…”

Adventure week part 1

Greetings! Today is Friday and it’s technically the last day of a week I’ve titled “Adventure Week!” I did so because for the last month or two, I was in a routine. Not a rut, per se, but just doing each day without many bells and whistles. That’s all fine and good, but I knewContinue reading “Adventure week part 1”