The Bud Light Bubbles Seltzer Commercial – The Music and More!

Bud Light is 100% out of the beer biz in their new commercial for a bubbly seltzer. Evidently the general public mostly thought the seltzers contained beer but this commercial will set things straight, at least that’s what Bud is hoping. Take a look at the colorful ad then scroll down for more info… TheContinue reading “The Bud Light Bubbles Seltzer Commercial – The Music and More!”

Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?

Morgan Wallen must’ve just set a Guinness World Record for the amount of songs released on an album (36 songs on “One Thing At A Time”) and he broke Spotify’s streaming record with millions of streams after the album was released. It’s probably safe to assume there’s a song for everyone on this album butContinue reading “Morgan Wallen – Are There Royalty Issues with “Man Made A Bar”?”

Brad Paisley’s “Same Here” …the Dumbest Country Song Ever?

It’s been a tough week for country music. Last weekend a song called “Southern” entered our airspace and we’re all worse because of it. Probably the worst country song ever to make its way into our ear holes since “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” (sorry, Trace) but then Brad Paisley says, “Here, hold my beer…” becauseContinue reading “Brad Paisley’s “Same Here” …the Dumbest Country Song Ever?”

Nationwide Commercial featuring HER (and him)

Nationwide has a couple of new commercials out featuring the wonderful voice of Gabriella Wilson, better known as H.E.R. Take a look and I think you’ll love her voice, too. There’s also a “behind the scenes” video from one of her performances. H.E.R. joins another musician lending their talents to Nationwide. Country singer Brad PaisleyContinue reading “Nationwide Commercial featuring HER (and him)”

The SiriusXM Commercial – Dinner with the Stars

I’ve been a subscriber to SiriusXM for a few years now and while I have my handful of “go-to” channels, there is so much more than that. A wide range of music plus comedy and sports and politics and the list goes on. This is the message in SiriusXM’s latest ad featuring a few starsContinue reading “The SiriusXM Commercial – Dinner with the Stars”