Woke Joe Biden Hires “Two Non-Binary People and a Truck” to Move into White House

Washington, D.C. — Joe Biden and his family have started moving into the White House this week as the outgoing President finishes up removing all personal effects. Staying on course with his message of unity and inclusion, Biden reached out to moving company Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™, a company that strictly hires people who seldom identify as male or female.

Biden commented while taping up a box of items, “Anything a man–or woman– can do, a woman– or man– can do, too. Look, I mean, if a person identifies as a man or a woman– here’s the deal, you are who you are and if you or him or her or they want to do the stuff– you know, just be yourself and I think– no, I know– I believe– you can do this or that. And the previous President was racist. It’s obvious.”

Two Non-Binary People and a Truck™ released a statement of gratitude to the President-Elect, saying in part, “We are very pleased to serve Mr. Biden and his (Mr. Biden identifies as a man) family in this way and we will do our best to deliver on our mission statement,” which is:

We promise to transfer all belongings safely, efficiently, and genderlessly.©

As for incoming Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s new residence is One Observatory Circle NW, she has put all her stuff in a short-term storage unit just a block from the White House.

-OTW News

Questions I have for Kamala Harris

Like many of you (in the U.S., at least), I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent election that’s actually still going on (as they continue counting votes, and challenging the results). Joe Biden has prematurely anointed himself as future President when the rest of everyone knows Kamala Harris is the Democrats’ “chosen one.” So with that in mind, I have a few questions for Mrs. Harris.

Why did you say yes when Joe Biden, a man you enthusiastically accused of being racist, asked you to be his running mate?

Exactly when did you know you would eventually become the President?

Has Tulsi Gabbard stopped running for the Democratic nomination yet?

If the United States is Dorothy, and freedom is our ruby slippers, does that make you the Wicked Witch of the West?

Can you please stop with the disingenuous smile and laugh?

Back when you were running for the Democratic nomination, you admitted that in your past you smoked marijuana (and laughed about it). What was your angle in that admission?

If folks coming into the U.S. illegally are not charged for breaking a law, then why should anyone obey any law? In fact, why should we have laws at all?

How does it make you feel that Biden said he was going to choose a woman (and a woman of color) as VP, possibly overlooking other people that might be more qualified for the position?

Will you please consider that abortion is not just the woman’s choice? When will the father have a say in what happens to his child?

-Out of the Wilderness

Thoughts about Harris/Biden victory speeches

I’ll start this post off by saying it is my intention to always refer to the Democrat executive duo as Harris/Biden (listing Harris first) because most of America can see the writing on the wall: If elected, it’s only a matter of time until Kamala Harris becomes President. And I’m not saying it’ll be in 4 years when election season rolls around again. Joe Biden’s even said he will just be a transitional President (whatever that means) and won’t serve more than a single term. Not talking about that at all. I think Harris will be on tap to take over by summer 2021, whether Joe Biden knows that or not.

Last week, the potential President-Elect Harris and her friend Joe Biden interrupted college football to officially start the Democrats’ celebration with a speech lasting 10 minutes, 45 seconds. She basically said everything her party and supporters wanted to hear. Then Biden… not sure what to call him because he won’t be VP when Harris takes over… future former President? Anyway, he spoke yelled for 14 minutes, 59 seconds and basically said the same thing Harris did. A few awkward and crooked smiles later, and as always a verbal fumble or five, he was done and the entire group on stage were startled by fireworks.

The speeches didn’t go unnoticed by those who oppose the pair of candidates. In fact, the election isn’t even over yet but the mainstream media thought it was time to declare a winner so speeches is what we were shown on television. Once the speeches ended, people all over the country gathered together in what the left would call superspreader events (if it were anything related to Trump, that is). For now, though, they are just being referred to as celebrations.

Does anyone know if Tulsi Gabbard has dropped out of the race yet?

Biden’s verbal miscues were as follows, and please note I am not making fun at all of his stuttering. In my opinion these do not come from a stutter, but from his mental and physical decline.

To only have a few mistakes is a victory in itself for Biden, who said: Prejudent, creamier of demonization, 230 million thousand.

Not bad for the gaffe-prone future former President. He also referenced the Bible and Christian ideals multiple times. It baffles me that when other candidates, celebrities, or you and me talk about God or the Bible it’s close-minded and unacceptable… but when a Democrat does it everything is fine. Weird, huh?

-Out of the Wilderness

Fragile Biden shows another sign of weakness, vulnerability

At this point in his political career, Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential run is looking more like Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. How he is anyone’s #1 choice for President is mind-boggling. He seems to have miscues or gaffes almost daily. If you still need to vote, consider that it might be the Democrats plan for Biden to simply be a placeholder for Kamala Harris which, if true, would be one of the most sneaky, evil things to ever happen in American politics. Remember that when you go to vote. If you like Harris, more power to you. But let’s get back to Biden’s blunders, bloopers, and baffling campaign… he and his wife recently cast their votes in Delaware. Take a look at the video as they exited the building in the first 20 seconds of this video.

Nothing about his posture and body language says, “energy, vibrancy, strength.” In fact, it says the exact opposite, “fragile, vulnerable, weak.”

When we see a person being assisted down a small set of steps by their spouse, other options should be considered for who we want to be the leader of our great country.

What do you think about this single event? How about him picking a VP running mate that just a few months prior called him racist? Should any of this be a concern as part of a broader view of Biden’s possible physical (and mental) decline? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

-Out of the Wilderness

Who’s administration is it? Biden vs. Harris 2020

Is anyone else confused about what’s going on with the Democrats? At this point, I almost hope this is all just a big mistake… and now that I type that out, I think it definitely IS a big mistake. The thing is, the Democrats don’t see it! Or do they? Surely someone somewhere is running this circus and once final act happens, we’ll all be like, “Ohhhhhh now it all makes sense!”

The problem is, there’s no way any of this makes sense. Here are a couple of clips that surfaced in the last 24 hours. Each clip is just 5 seconds.

What in the world? Are they now dropping the facade to let everyone know what their plan is, or are these genuine gaffes? We have grown to expect them from Biden, but Harris is new to the Democrat gaffe reel.

I sincerely hope these are incompetent politicians who are in over their heads, as opposed to a grander and much more sinister plan from evil people behind the scenes. There are theories out there that Harris is the “President-in-waiting” and once Biden gets elected, he’ll either step down or get Clinton’d (he dead).

Meanwhile, Biden is still the guy who hasn’t really had to own up to his very divisive behavior I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Check out 3 Joe Biden moments no one is talking about. And also, did Joe Biden die in 1988?

The way the Dems can save this sinking ship (or has it already sank?) is to brand the two together has Joe Mama. Get it? Combination of Joe and Mamala Kamala, after Kamala revealed her kids call her “Mama-la”.

In 2020, vote for Joe Mama.

-Out of the Wilderness